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Super Easy (and CHEAP) Window Trim

Easy and cheap window trimHi friends! I have a super simple post for you today all about how we've been framing out our windows. When we bought this house, there was no baseboards or trim or anything. It was kind of nice because we were able to pick these things out ourselves and go with the style we wanted. I want to show you an easy and CHEAP way to update your windows and make them look larger and prettier without breaking the bank... 

Easy window trim

This is the room we started working on. The nursery. Join me on Facebook HERE this weekend because i'm going to go live and take you through styling the nursery! It'll be super fun!

 We have already done this window framing technique in our living room and we just couldn't believe the difference it made in the window. It made it look so much bigger and way prettier. Next we're going to do the ones in our bedroom because they aren't framed out yet either. Here is what the windows looked like before...

How to frame out a window

.Pretty lame if you ask me.... but it's an EASY fix! 

Here's what you'll need:

3/4in x 4in pine boards -
 we used 3, 7 foot length pieces for each window but you can get them in any length you need 
A table saw
Tape measure
A square (the yellow plastic triangle thing in the next picture)
Nail gun and nails
Wood filler
A handsome husband (not required)

Once you have all of your supplies, you're ready to start! 
All we did was measure a side at a time on our windows. We had to do this because our house is so old, things have settled and become crooked over time so we figured the windows wouldn't be completely perfect and square and we were right. The sides were off by a tiny bit. Once you measure, you're going to take your board and your tape measure and mark the measurements on your board. BUT DON'T CUT YET! You will want to take your square and make a 45 degree line FROM the mark on your board so that the frame will be larger than the window. You'll end up with something like this 

Simple diy window trim

The inside of the window will be the short side of the board.

Here is the process of cutting in pictures...

Our table saw is able to swivel over to a 45 degree angle to make cutting easier. I don't know that they all do this, but if you can get one that does that would be best. 

Trimming out a window easily

Frame out windows

Once you have your piece cut, you can hang it up around the window! Make sure it is flush and nail it in. We did a nail at the top, middle and bottom. 

Trimming out a window simply

Simple way to trim out your windows

Then repeat the process until you have your whole window trimmed out!

Trim out your windows with wood

Wood window trim

After that, you'll want to go in and fill any holes and the seams with wood filler.
When it dries, go over it with a fine grit sand paper and then it's time to paint/stain! 

Simple window trim diy

We ended up painting it white and painted the gray part white as well so it looked like a legit window trimmed out if that makes sense.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and aren't afraid to take on projects in your home yourself! My husband and I have been working on making this house our own for 3 years now without much help from others. We've taught ourselves how to do baseboards, flooring, tiling, board and battan, hanging lights... You name it. We don't have the budget to be hiring projects out, so teaching ourselves has been the best way to do it and once you're done, you feel so great about your work! 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and take on a project!! 

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