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DIY Custom Range Hood with Storage only $20!

Cover range hood with wood

Holy moly I've been BAD at blogging lately... I have been so busy with life that I haven't been able to get many projects done around the house. Maybe I shouldn't make up excuses but I gotta blame something other than myself right? We started on a few projects over the weekend and I am happy to announce I will be blogging all of them! ...

My wonderful husband (after some begging) built me this beautiful range hood. I was originally thinking I would just cover up the cabinet and range hood and not use any of it. Then I got to thinking I needed to be able to use the hood... Duh.... But the switches for it to turn on and off are on the top where it would be covered. So I thought maybe we could put some sort of little hatch door to get to the switches... Then I came across this post from Nina Hendrick on her DIY Storage Range Hood and I fell in LOVE! The perfect solution to all my problems... Well not all of my problems. BUT it was only $20 to make so there's a solution to part of my budget problem. Champagne taste on a beer budget if you know what I mean... Anyways I Nina's post to Taylor one night and the next day when I came home from work he had it all framed out... I love coming home to surprises like that. Here is what I came home to:

Wood range hood cover

Cover range hood with storage inside

So because he had it up and framed already I wasn't able to get pictures of the process and tell you exactly how he made the frame.. But it looks pretty simple to me. We had to alter Nina's plans a little bit to get them to fit our cabinets and style but I think it turned out pretty great! I still have my cabinet and I can easily turn the hood on and off. Here's how we did it...

None of the wood is actually touching the range so we can easily switch it out if we need to. It's attached to the cabinet by the two horizontal boards and then the frame is attached to those boards. After framing it out we added two vertical boards and attached those by the hinges we took off of the cabinets (saved some money there).

Storage under wood range hood cover

how to build a range hood cover with storage

He then added two more horizontal boards attached underneath of the two vertical boards for some added support.

How to make a wood range hood cover

Here it is open and you can get more of an idea of what I mean...

Range hood cover with storage

After that we attached some old barn wood we had in our wood shed to the front and bam! Beautiful new range hood with storage underneath. Now if you don't have extra wood lying around that would be an added expense. Also we didn't have to stain or do anything to the wood so depending on the type of finish you want that would have to come into play as well.

I just love it....

Wood range hood with storage underneath

DIY Wood range hood cover with storage

How to cover a range hood

Here it is open. You can see I can still get to everything easily. I love that part. I was going to settle for beauty over function but I ended up getting both! Happy girl!!

How to make a wood range hood cover with storage

Oh I almost forgot another "upgrade" we made. I say that in quotes because it's not exactly an upgrade but it looks better than it did before... I added sticky tiles to my back splash! Like I said before... Champagne and beer... So I got these bad boys off of Amazon. They were a little smaller than I thought they would be but I still think it turned out good. They come in sheets and I thought two boxes might do the job but I only bought one to see how I liked it. I've had them up for a couple weeks now and I love them but I have to purchase two more boxes. So at the end of it all I won't really save as much money as I thought putting up the sticky tiles rather than getting a new back splash but it's way less mess and way less labor! So i'm okay with that...

Here is the before of the sticky tiles... It kind of hurts my eyes. Beware...

Cover a range with wood

And after the sticky tiles.... Better...

Cover a range hood with wood

And after sticky tiles and range hood... Wonderful!!!

Cover a range hood with a cabinet

How to cover a range hood with a cabinet over

I still need to stain the sides... But you get the idea...

How to cover a range hood with a cabinet diy

CHEERS to another project down! Next we're going to tackle that ceiling... That will be a big project so instead of coffee i'll be having wine...

How to make a range hood with storage

I hope you enjoyed and learned a little something. 

Let's be friends!!

Range hood cover with cabinet storage