}); SavannaBrooke.com: August 2016


My New (old) Chandelier

I went thrifting last weekend and had my mind set that I wouldn't find anything. I ALWAYS go to thrift stores and find little things I don't need and never find things I'm actually looking for. I was looking for 2 very big things and I found both of them, on top of those two things, I also found this amazing chandelier...


Our Painted Fireplace and Super Simple Corner Gallery Wall

Have you ever had a significant piece of furniture, or something built in that you just can't stop starring at? Not because it's pretty... Because you hate but you cant look away and everyday you say "I'm going to paint that/get rid of that this week!" Well I've been saying that for a year now and FINALLY I got around to painting the fireplace...


Early Fall Dining Room Vignette

I just couldn't help myself today... Every year around this time I just can't wait for fall. I wait and wait for the weather to get cooler, the leaves to fall and everything pumpkin to start hitting all the stores. This is what I live for. I love the idea of decorating every room with warm blankets and throw pillows, bringing outside elements inside, and wrapping up in a sweater with some hot chocolate on the couch. I love this season and everything it brings along with it! So with that being said, I had a Monday full of dreaming of fall. Pinning everything pumpkin and thinking of how I wanted to decorate my house this year. When I got home from work I just started re decorating. I'm crazy like that. I originally had a plan for something I was going to paint today but then I got all wrapped up in all things fall and came up with this early fall vignette in my dining room...


Bathroom Issues!

Okay... So I've been posting about how we're re doing our bathroom and how excited I was to finally do away with all the decor I don't want anywhere else in the house that somehow ends up in the bathroom. It had a very beachy vibe and that's not really my style. I notice the beachy decor in a lot of bathrooms actually... Is it because there is water in there and it attracts all the seashells? I don't get it but it works for some. Not me. So this whole bathroom re-do was very spur of the moment (a lot like everything I do) and I decided in the middle of the night we needed a refresh....


DIY Custom Range Hood with Storage only $20!

Cover range hood with wood

Holy moly I've been BAD at blogging lately... I have been so busy with life that I haven't been able to get many projects done around the house. Maybe I shouldn't make up excuses but I gotta blame something other than myself right? We started on a few projects over the weekend and I am happy to announce I will be blogging all of them! ...