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My Christmas House Tour with Video

Hello!!! It's that time of year! I started decorating right after Halloween to get ahead of the game this year. I decided to take it slow so I didn't get too overwhelmed and I'm so glad I did! I think i'll do it that way every year. The home tour that I was on here locally is over and so is all my decorating! I snuck some pictures and a video before everyone came to tour my house so here you go!!...


Black Bathroom Reveal


Happy weekend friend!! Doesn't feel like the weekend to me at all because of Thanksgiving but here we are on a Saturday night watching my kids play mario kart. I had to hurry up and get my bathroom done before a home tour I'm on in a week!! I'm a huge procrastinator but it always gets done! Let's go see my black bathroom...


Moody Christmas Dining Room


Happy almost Thanksgiving!! This year skiirrrrrrted by me!! I am deep in all the Christmas activities and events over here and I love it, but it does get stressful. I'm on a Holiday Home Tour locally here this year and I've barely had enough time to finish my house! I finally got my dining room finished so I thought I'd share that with you today...


Three Christmas Trees in the Living Room

Happy Monday, Friend!! I hope you had a great weekend and this week starts out well for you. I've been so busy over here with all things Christmas. I may have over extended myself this year a little bit but we're surviving. I am finishing up decorating my house in my down time and thought I'd share some progress! This year I wanted something way different than any other set up I've done...


Parent's Kitchen Makeover Reveal!

It's finally here! The day I've waited for since I was a kid watching Candice Olson on HGTV! My parent's let me re do their kitchen and I'm so thankful and excited about it!! My dad let me have free reign on the finishes in here. I've had a vision for this kitchen for years so when my dad said "let's redo the kitchen" I said YEZZZIRRRR and got to it!!...


New Dining Room Buffet

Vintage sideboard buffet in dining room

Yall. I. Am. Obsessed. I can't believe I finally found this beauty!! I put it out there recently that I wanted a vintage big beautiful buffet for this area in my dining room. I had a few friends send me one that was so pretty but needed completely redone. I was willing to do it bu by the time I messaged the lady about it, it had already sold. Bummer! But I knew something even better would come along...


Halloween Dining Table 5 Ways

Halloween table decor

Hey, you!! Happy to see you here! I hope your week is treating you beautifully. I'm in the mood for some holiday parties and get togethers. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a Halloween party? Christmas party? Maybe both! If you're having a Halloween party, I put together some table decor for you to get some inspiration from...


Spooky Glam Fireplace Decor

Halloween mantle decor

Hi friend! Happy September! Can't believe how fast this year has gone. I'm not mad about it. It's been a wild one. I started bringing out my fall/halloween decor recently and I decided to spook up my fireplace in my living room! I went with a kind of glam purple theme this year. Let's go see...


Fall Dining Table Decor Sans Pumpkins

purple black and gold halloween dining room

Hiiiii friend!! Can you believe there's only 4 months left of this year?! I really honestly truly don't know where time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I told my 6 year old he had 90 days of summer and he's already back in school. I'm a summer girl so I'm kinda sad about it but I'm also a scatter brained crazy lady so change fuels me haha...


Vintage Chair Makeover

Happy Tuesday, friend! Hope your week is going well. Mines been super productive because back to school has me in high gear to get my house in order. Also it's Virgo season so that might have something to do with it ;) I recently decided I wanted to makeover this cutie chair I found on the side of the road a couple years ago. Here's how it went...


No Sew $10 Roman Shades: Full Tutorial

diy roman shades
Hiya friend!! Happy you're here! I have been on a project kick lately and I managed to bust out this easy roman shade project yesterday that was inspired by Cass @CassMakesHome on Instagram. She's a badass diy'er and she shared how she made some diy roman shades. I did mine a little differently though...


End of Summer Kitchen Tour with Video

Hello, bestie!! Hope your weekend is going great!! I recently did a couple fun, easy switches in my kitchen and I thought I'd share them with you today! I spend seriously 90% of my time in the kitchen. I watch tv in there, fold laundry, do mom stuff... you know the drill. Its's important to me that it's a fun space! let's go see the updated tour...


5 Black Interior Trim Ideas

Hi!! Happy middle of the week! I've been crushing on something over here and I wanna share it with you because I can't help but want to do it to my entire house...


From Messy Playroom to Pretty Guest Bedroom : Before and After

Hi beautiful!!! I'm super excited to share this room today because it's been a hot minute since I have done a project. I got so tired of looking at this jumbled mess of a playroom. I made big plans to transform the playroom but then it never happened. I think that was for a reason. It was never supposed to be a playroom...


Summer Back Deck Decor and Sharing my Heart

ferns on back deck

My homies, my friends!! Whats up?! I hope you're all doing well. The sun is finally out here in Missouri and let me tell you, it's helped with my mood a lot. This post is not normal or comfortable for me at all. In fact, it's super vulnerable but I feel some things on my heart that I want to talk about...


30 Lessons I've Learned Before 30

 So. Happy. I'm. Thirty... Shit. 30 trips around the sun. Kinda boggles my mind. Everyone always says your 30's are the best. Let's hope so cause so far my 20's have been full of all kinds of hard lessons. I know I have so much more learning and growing to do but somehow 30 just feels like a whole new life. It feels like I finally get a brand new start and I'm scared but very excited for it...


April Favorites!

May... WHAT!? We're almost halfway through this year. Wild! Here are my favorites for the month of April... 


My Thrifting List

Hello my friends! It's the weekend over here and we're getting ready to go on vacation which I'm SO excited about. My boys will be seeing the ocean for the first time and I cannot wait for it! If I could live at the beach I most definitely would. Maybe one day but for now I'm just over here blogging away about my house haha. I wanted to share a list with you of all the things I look for when I am going through the thrift stores...


Dining Room Bar

Happy Sunday, friends!! I hope yours is beautiful. We've just been taking it kinda slow this weekend. Going with the weather... Its been kinda gloomy so staying inside it is. Well, for me. My kids love to play in the rain but while they were doing that, I decided to switch some things up in my house...


My Parent's Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

 neutral kitchen decor

EEEEEK This has been such a long time coming. I remember making an inspiration sheet for my parent's kitchen a long time ago because I've had dreams of making over this kitchen for YEARS!! My dad finally decided to pull the trigger and replace the countertops. Which turned into a whole makeover because, well, I'm his daughter...


Vintage Glam Closet Reveal!

brass chandelier with black medallion

Happy Saturday, friends!! I can't believe it's ALREADY April 10th. We're taking a trip at the end of the month to the beach and I feel like I'm so far behind! It seems like yesterday I was planning this trip... but it was 3 months ago... anyway, that's not why you're here. If you've been following my stories on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I started this closet reno MONTHS ago. I started it and then took some time away from it for multiple reasons but today is finally the day that it's completely DONE and I'm so excited for you to see it...


March Favorites!


Happy end of the month!! I thought it would be fun to share my weekly favorites I share on Facebook and Instagram here wrapped up in a monthly blog post. My favorites range from beauty to home decor to fashion to kids stuff. Just whatever I'm into at the time! I hope you like this new series! Here are my favorites for March!!...


Moody Master Bedroom Tour with Video

white flowers on nightstand

Hay hay hay! I hope you all are having a beautiful day! I recently have made some changes in my home. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you've probably already seen the changes but I realized I hadn't put it up on here yet! It just totally slipped my mind! Let's take a look into my moody, neutral bedroom...


Affordable Back Deck Inspiration 3 Ways


outdoor neutral decor
Hello my lovely people! I hope you're all doing well. I'm over here dreaming of all things outdoor because Missouri decided to have 3 warm days last week and I just can't get over it. It really is amazing how the weather can effect us. I could never live in Washington. I would be so depressed. If you live in Washington, I appreciate you! I hope you love it! I just THRIVE in the sunshine...


How to: DIY Faux Light Fixtures

faux light fixtures

Hey friends!! I hope this year is treating you well. It's still feeling kinda 2020-ish to me but hopefully things will look up soon. I had to take a breather from last year. It was heavy and it felt like it all just caught up with me in January and knocked me right out. I get that way usually in January but it only lasts for a couple weeks maybe... this year it lasted a whole two months! I just couldn't get it together but the sunshine March is giving us is definitely helping!! I decided I wanted to share how I've accomplished different light fixture situations on the CHEAP...