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Blue and White Tour


Hello! It's a beautiful day here in small town MO. I wanted to get on and share a little blue and white tour! I've been obsessed with all things blue and white for a while now and I've come up with quite the collection...


Painted Dining Room Table and Spring/Summer Dining Room Decor


Hello!!! Happy Spring, friend! I'm super excited to say I've been purging and getting new routines set in place in my home and let me tell ya, it feels so good. Spring cleaning is a true thing and I love it every year! One thing I decided to finally check off my list is this table. Let me tell ya about it..


Post Holiday/Early Spring Home Tour


Hello you! I hope all is well! It's been a busy couple of months, but I refreshed my house after the holidays and wanted to share some pics with you...


Solana Boutique and Event Space... NOW OPEN!!

Hi friends! Been a few... I've been very busy over here working on something so super exciting. This year has given me everything I've ever wanted and my dream of owning a store, vacation rental and event space has finally come into physical form... 


Dining Room Bar Updates


Hi friend!! Happy summer!! At least it feels like it here... today... it's always subject to change at the last minute in the Midwest. I haven't done ANYTHING to my house in months!! I've been so busy lately with just life and haven't had much time to do a whole lot around here. That is, until I got gifted the coolest thing ever for my birthday!...


My Christmas House Tour with Video

Hello!!! It's that time of year! I started decorating right after Halloween to get ahead of the game this year. I decided to take it slow so I didn't get too overwhelmed and I'm so glad I did! I think i'll do it that way every year. The home tour that I was on here locally is over and so is all my decorating! I snuck some pictures and a video before everyone came to tour my house so here you go!!...


Black Bathroom Reveal


Happy weekend friend!! Doesn't feel like the weekend to me at all because of Thanksgiving but here we are on a Saturday night watching my kids play mario kart. I had to hurry up and get my bathroom done before a home tour I'm on in a week!! I'm a huge procrastinator but it always gets done! Let's go see my black bathroom...


Moody Christmas Dining Room


Happy almost Thanksgiving!! This year skiirrrrrrted by me!! I am deep in all the Christmas activities and events over here and I love it, but it does get stressful. I'm on a Holiday Home Tour locally here this year and I've barely had enough time to finish my house! I finally got my dining room finished so I thought I'd share that with you today...


Three Christmas Trees in the Living Room

Happy Monday, Friend!! I hope you had a great weekend and this week starts out well for you. I've been so busy over here with all things Christmas. I may have over extended myself this year a little bit but we're surviving. I am finishing up decorating my house in my down time and thought I'd share some progress! This year I wanted something way different than any other set up I've done...


Parent's Kitchen Makeover Reveal!

It's finally here! The day I've waited for since I was a kid watching Candice Olson on HGTV! My parent's let me re do their kitchen and I'm so thankful and excited about it!! My dad let me have free reign on the finishes in here. I've had a vision for this kitchen for years so when my dad said "let's redo the kitchen" I said YEZZZIRRRR and got to it!!...