}); SavannaBrooke.com: January 2019


A Wanna-Be Spring Kitchen

side of stove organizationHi Friends! It has been so cold here in MO lately. Negative temps... It's insane!! I love me some snow in the winter but when Christmas is over, I'm OVER IT. We have gotten a lot of good snow this year which is fun but now its just a big cold icy MESS outside and yesterday was so frigid. I decided I'd make myself feel better by cranking up the heat, the tunes, and pull out some florals! I was reading my Magnolia Table cookbook this morning while having my coffee and thought I'd snap some pics while the light was good. Here's what my kitchen looks like today... 


How We Stay Organized - Our Chalkboard in the Kitchen

diy chalkboard calendar
Hello there!!! I hope your weekend was great!!! We here in KC are a little sad today because our beloved Chiefs lost the game. They were so close to going to the Superbowl and it was SUCH a close game. I don't know a lot about football but I definitely watched the game and our guys played amazing! Maybe next year, KC... I wanted to pop on here today and share how I stay organized in our home during the year...


Simple Farmhouse Towel Holder

using a cheese grater as a towel holder in the kitchen
Hello!! Happy Monday! I hope your day is going well. It's the start of the year for me lol and I am super excited about it. I wanted to get on here today and share a super quick and easy DIY for your kitchen or bathroom!...


Our Kitchen Open Shelving and a New Book

kitchen open shelving
Hi friends!! Happy Saturday!! It's a beautiful day here in Ol Lawson MO. Windows and doors open on this old house. It's making me crave spring even more but it's just a teaser... it'll rain in April again I'm sure. Whatever I'll TAKE IT! My brain has been in such a fog lately. Its so hard adjusting after the holidays and kids still being out of school. I have no routine anymore!! But Bjorn goes back to school this week and I'm back on a normal work schedule so I feel like I am finally getting control of my life again!! WOO!! I'm not a routine type person but I definitely need a LITTLE structure to my life. I wanted to start out this week with a fun post! I wanted to share a super special gift I got for Christmas...