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Happy Almost New Year!!! Favorite Photos from 2018 on Facebook and Instagram

Hey, friends!!!! Happy almost 2019!! I can't believe another year has passed. It seems like I was just at my neighbors house, 7 months pregnant with number 2 eating "good luck soup". This year has been an interesting one to say the least. A new baby, new adventures, new friends, losing friends, lots of loss but also lots of love. It started out rough but there has been so much growth...


Winter Decor Inspiration

Hi friends!! I so so so hope your Christmas was amazing. Ours was just perfect. Spent time with family, friends enjoying good food and company. The boys played and got to see all of their cousins and friends. It was simple and just what I needed after a chaotic month. I wanted to get on today and share some winter decor inspiration with you! I personally did not leave any winter decor up. After this last month, I just had to get all of the Christmas out so I can focus on the upcoming seasons. It just kind of seals the season off when I get all of it out and start fresh! So here is some inspiration for your Thursday after you get your Christmas decor down...


Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

vintage christmas living room tourHey my friends!!! Another week down and another day closer to Christmas. I seriously cannot believe that 2019 is right around the corner. I don't know about anyone else, but 2018 was a little rough at times so I'm ready for a fresh new start for sure. I hope you all get everything you want out of 2019! I think it's going to be a good one. I wanted to get on here real quick and show you a peek into my living room this year for Christmas! We love this cozy room of ours and decorating it for Christmas just makes it all the more cozy...


Pj Masks Birthday Party: how to get a fun and CHEAP practical party with FREE printables

PJ Masks birthday party
Hey, all!! I wanted to pop on here real quick and give you a look into my sons little Birthday party we had this weekend. He turned 4 *que the tears* and he loves himself some superheros and Pj Masks! I wanted to show you how you can create your own PRACTICAL party. This Pj Masks party literally cost me almost nothing and I'm going to share with you HOW I achieved such a cheap but very fun and decorated party...


Christmas Master Bedroom Tour

Christmas Master BedroomHey friends!! This month is such a whirlwind for my family and I... We have lots going on. It started out with my home being on the local Holiday Homes Tour, next weekend we have my son's 4th Birthday Party, after that is my work's big Christmas event and last is Christmas... So much to do in one month and that doesn't include the everyday life stuff, and opening a shop!!! Terrible timing on my part but the chaos is kind of what I live for. I get my down time... In the bathroom... hiding from everyone. Anyway, I wanted to pop on tonight and share pics of my bedroom styled for Christmas! I went a little non traditional, but that's kinda my style...