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March Favorites!


Happy end of the month!! I thought it would be fun to share my weekly favorites I share on Facebook and Instagram here wrapped up in a monthly blog post. My favorites range from beauty to home decor to fashion to kids stuff. Just whatever I'm into at the time! I hope you like this new series! Here are my favorites for March!!...


Moody Master Bedroom Tour with Video

white flowers on nightstand

Hay hay hay! I hope you all are having a beautiful day! I recently have made some changes in my home. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you've probably already seen the changes but I realized I hadn't put it up on here yet! It just totally slipped my mind! Let's take a look into my moody, neutral bedroom...


Affordable Back Deck Inspiration 3 Ways


outdoor neutral decor
Hello my lovely people! I hope you're all doing well. I'm over here dreaming of all things outdoor because Missouri decided to have 3 warm days last week and I just can't get over it. It really is amazing how the weather can effect us. I could never live in Washington. I would be so depressed. If you live in Washington, I appreciate you! I hope you love it! I just THRIVE in the sunshine...


How to: DIY Faux Light Fixtures

faux light fixtures

Hey friends!! I hope this year is treating you well. It's still feeling kinda 2020-ish to me but hopefully things will look up soon. I had to take a breather from last year. It was heavy and it felt like it all just caught up with me in January and knocked me right out. I get that way usually in January but it only lasts for a couple weeks maybe... this year it lasted a whole two months! I just couldn't get it together but the sunshine March is giving us is definitely helping!! I decided I wanted to share how I've accomplished different light fixture situations on the CHEAP...