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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Simple DIY

I'm going to share an easy DIY project to cover up ugly things in your home! This took me about 10 minutes to do! For example I'm covering up our electric box. I hate seeing outlets, air conditioning controls, electric boxes, etc in my home... I feel like it draws your focus in and takes away from the beauty of the house. So here it is....

The box is in Bjorn's room. Don't worry, we're putting a smoke detector over and he wont be able to reach the box while he's in this room.  Once he's old enough he will be moving into a bigger room. But for now this is the nursery.

It started out as a piece of plywood. I had painted on one side of it a quote for Taylor and I in our bedroom in California. I love the quote but HATE the colors I used. It was just one of those random projects that I thought was a good idea at the time, using paint and products I already had, turns out it wasn't so great... So I painted the other side white (surprise!) and hung two pictures I had in B's nursery on it.

If you look back on the nursery here you will see the pictures. I had these frames from Target. They had some flower pictures in them and I took those out and placed some fabric I had left over from another project. I traced some silhouettes of animals I found on  Google and cut them out and spray painted them gold. Once they dried, I put them in the frames on the fabric and there you have it!!

Simple and cheap DIY...

Ignore that ugly outlet. I just took some quick pictures because I had to get working on another project! Stay tuned for that one :)

I just have it propped up against the wall because the plywood isn't wide enough to cover the box if I hang it up. So turning it slightly and propping It up covers more.

 My awesome husband suggested we put some trim around it to make it wider so we can hang it up! I'm loving that idea!!

I just took some tiny nails and nailed them into the plywood and hung the pictures. You could do this with so many things...

It's so much better than looking at an old electric box!

Keep reading for more!!! :D

Love you all!!

-xo Savanna