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Winter Living Room Decor and Some Christmas Presents to Myself

Hello my lovely people. I hope you're all well! I don't know about you all but I am kind of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas decor after Christmas. I once took the tree down on Christmas day... after Chrismtas all I can think of is the warmer months ahead (my favorite time of year) and the Christmas decor just HAS to go. But this year is a little different...


Lighted Christmas Kitchen and Dining Room Tour


Hi friends!! Christmas is just a few days away so I wanted to get up another night time tour for you before the holiday gets away from me! I'm blown away by how long but short at the same time this year has been... Anyone feel me??...


Christmas Tree Decor with Frames

What up friends!!! I seriously can't believe it's almost Christmas.... I have been SLACKING! It's been a rough ride over here but I'm starting to have hope for the future as things have calmed down a lot and I've gotten my creative spark back. I wanted to get on and show you how I decorated my tree this year. I've never done anything like this before...


Lighted Christmas Living Room Tour


Happy DECEMBER!!! Can't believe we're a week in already. It's been a wild ride. I decided I wanted to kick this month off with some lighted night time room tours. First up is the living room. I picked this one first because the tree is in here, of course!...


Entryway Makeover with Wallpaper on the Ceiling

wallpaper on ceiling

Hi friends!! Happy Saturday!!! I am about to head to work at the adorable store, Grace Wins but I wanted to get this blog post up today because I just did a quick makeover in my entry way! I started painting last night, got the finishing touches done today and wanted you to be able to see it. I've been documenting on Facebook and Instagram stories so if you've been watching... Heres the final reveal!...


Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! I seriously can't believe how LONG but FAST this year has been!! Everything that should have been spread out through several years seems to have happened in just this short amount of time. 9 months of crazy! It's felt so long but I also can't believe it's already almost December... 


Winter Kitchen Decor

winter kitchen shelves 

Hello, friends!! It's a new week and I'm excited for it. Anyone else love starting a new week?? No? I do. Last week I started doing some winter decorating in my home. Not Christmas, cause I'm still not ready LOL but WINTER decor I can handle. I decorated my shelves in my kitchen with some winter touches and I'm loving how it turned out...


Fireplace Essentials with Wayfair

plants candles and crystals in decor 

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you're all well. We have had the most beautiful weather lately but the past couple days have been dreary and cold so I've been leaving the fireplace on and just taking it slow! It's always hard for me to just relax and enjoy sitting STILL but the weather really plays a big part in my mood and my laziness scale LOL...


Moody Dining Room

record player in dining room

Happy November!! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. It's a good thing. A very good thing. But still crazy!! Have you decorated for Christmas yet?? I feel like this year we can just do whatever we want... Haha! I have not decorated for Christmas but I did do a little dining room refresh recently...


Another Record Gallery Wall

gallery wall using records

Happy Sunday, friends!! It's super cold out here today. We went to Walmart this morning and Bjorn insisted on wearing shorts... He definitely changed his mind when we were running through the parking lot freezing! I had to turn my heat on!! Ugh... Not ready for winter but here we are. Since we couldn't do much outside today I've been tackling my large pile of laundry and I added a little (big) record gallery wall in my bedroom...



New Pop of Color in the Hallway


Purple Hallway
Hey you beautiful friends!! I hope you've had a great week so far! It has flown by for me. I get to pick up my sweet boys tonight after work so I'm super excited about that. I was itching for a project. I have several I want to do but I'm waiting on a few things to do it. I don't like to start something and not finish it. I was scrolling on pinterest yesterday and came across this beautiful color by Farrow and Ball...


Update to the Fireplace - Mounted TV with Frame

 mounted tv with frame

Hello my lovely people! I hope your Monday was beautiful! I had an interesting Monday regarding this little project I decided to do... I had lots of trouble getting this situation to work out but in the end it did work and it is something I really wish I would have done so much sooner!! I mounted my TV! Simple right?? HAHA....


Halloween Bar Cart

Halloween bar cart
Hello, friends!! Happy October 7th!! Have you decorated for Halloween yet? We started in September because the boys were way too excited about it. And now I feel like it's been up forever and I'm ready for something new! I decided yesterday to style my bar cart for Halloween and it definitely put me back into the spirit a tad. I'm just super excited for Christmas this year... I know I know!!!!!! I'm not sorry!!!


Halloween House Tour

Happy October!!! It's finally that time! Fall is definitely in the air here. We decorated for Halloween a couple weeks ago because when the bats and spiders came in the mail, my boys just couldn't wait to put them up! I have never really been a Halloween decorator but now that I have two boys who just LOVE the holiday, why not have fun with it?...


I Painted my Bedroom Ceiling....... BLACK!


Black bedroom ceilingHello all!!! This was kind of an unexpected post because I decided to do it on a whim. That's really how most of my projects go... But I got home last night and just started getting the paint stuff out... I really thought I'd just get it out and think about this decision I came to a little longer but no... up the ladder went and down goes the drop cloths....


Black and White Fall Dining Room with a Pop of Color


Happy Sunday, friends!! It's all things fall over here. The boys have enjoyed helping me stick a pumpkin in every corner of the house and just yesterday we decorated for Halloween!! Too soon?? Not for two little boys who love all things spooky. But first I wanted to share my fall dining room with you...


Simple Fall Front Porch and New Door Color


Black and White outdoor decorHello my friends!! I hope you've had a beautiful week!! I got outside this weekend and made a couple changes to my front porch/door for fall! It was so beautiful out so I figured it was the perfect time to have my door open to paint my front door. Let me tell you though... It was a bit stressful...


DIY Faux Fireplace with Just Paint!!

Faux FireplaceHello friends!!! I am so excited about this project today!!! last night I went to the hardware store and grabbed some paint because the night before that I decided I wanted a big "fireplace" here in my living room BUT I needed to be able to do it myself... So paint it is...


Two Fun Hook Organization Ideas

hooks on kitchen island for organizationHello, all! Happy Sunday! I did a little project this weekend that made a huge impact but costs very little money. My favorite projects to do! In the old house, I had hooks everywhere to hold things. By the front door, in the boys room, in our kitchen, everywhere! I was missing that because I'm constantly trying to find places to hang bags, towels, all the things...


End of Summer Dining Room and a New Treasure

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was super busy and it feels good to be starting a new week. I'm over here writing about this cute little bust I got today!! I seriously brought it home, painted it and am already blogging about it because I'm just so in love with him. I'm also sharing my neutralized end of summer dining room. Let's go see...


Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita Recipe

Margaritas with watermelon and jalapenoHappy weekend! I've been super busy lately but  I love to be busy so it's totally fine by me! A couple weeks ago me and my two besties had a girls day and I thought I'd share what we snacked on and a fun margarita we made! I made the margaritas and my friend made the prettiest charcuterie board! Everything was so good so lets get into the recipe...


Spray Painted TV - DIY "frame" TV

Painted tv frame tv diyHello all!! Happy MONDAY! The weather here today is so beautiful. I have all of the windows and doors open working here on the blog. I can't help but get a little excited for fall as the temp goes down... I LOVE summer so much but I'm definitely a fall girl too. Good thing there's 4 whole seasons to fit my moods! LOL I did something a little crazy this weekend... 


Master Bedroom Refresh - Feng Shui

White metal bed with neutral beddingHello my people! Happy Wednesday night! I love Wednesday's because it means we're only two days away from the weekend. As you all know by now, I love switching things around in my home. I especially love when a makeover costs NOTHING. It's my favorite way to go. Yes, getting new things is fun and exciting but being able to completely makeover a room without spending a dime is my type of decorating...


Entry Table Redo with Washi Tape

white dresser makeover with gold washi tapeHello! Its the weekend finally!! We are just taking advantage of the sunshine over here. We love summer. Bjorn keeps asking everyday if it's still summer LOL he just loves being at the pool and being outside. I've recently made a few changes in my home to make it more my own and this dresser makeover is one of them! I did this on a whim one day and I wasn't quite sure how I liked it...


Scallop Door Trim DIY with Video

Scallop Door Trim
Hey you! Happy middle of the week! I'm super excited to share this project with you. I have always loved scallops. I did them in the last house with our chalkboard HERE. Its just a fun and easy way to add some character to a plain paint project. When I saw that Ashley from athomewithashley.com painted scallops around her door frame HERE , I had the perfect place to do the same...


New Chairs in the Dining Room

acrylic furniture in the dining roomHello my friends! I hope you're all well <3 I made a change over here. I swear I didn't plan on this at all!! I was looking for bar stools for my island and I stumbled across these beauties after a friend mentioned I should look at acrylic bar stools. I saw these and blacked out and then they were sitting at my front door...


A Vintage Bar Cart in the Dining Room

Vintage cart makeoverHappy weekend, friends! I hope you're all well. I wanted to come on here and share a little bar cart set up I made in my dining room. It's super simple and I just used things I already had laying around to create it...


Budget Friendly Ways to Add Character to a Basic Bathroom

add character to a builder grade bathroomHey you!! I hope you're all well and staying safe. We've been enjoying all things summer over here. Pools, sprinklers in the yard, popsicles on tap... all the fun stuff. I realized the other day that I don't think I've ever shared my main bathroom with you on here! I've shared on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK but never on the blog so I thought I'd share that today along with some easy tips I used to transform this bathroom from a pretty but plain builder bathroom to a fun quirky "Savanna" bathroom...


DIY Ladder Planter

Plants on a ladder for home decorHello lovely friends!! I hope all is well in your world!! It's been suuuuper hot here lately but I'm LOVING IT. I love summer. It's definitely my favorite. Sitting outside every morning with coffee, spending time at the pool, watching the boys play outside. LOVING it. I wasn't going to put many flowers out this year but I had this ladder... and these flower baskets... and decided to make a planter situation out of it! It was super easy and looks so cute on my deck...


New Dining Room Decor with Easy Cheap Wall Treatment

Dining room with wall treatment

Hello! I hope you're all well. It's such a heavy time in our country right now so I really debated posting anything today but something told me to do it because this little space brings me happiness. Creating brings me happiness and sharing my creativity brings me happiness so I'm sharing it. I hope this can be a bit of a light in your day as well. Let's get into it.... I moved the china cabinet!...


Record Wall in our Hallway

Records on the wall as home decor
Hello all!! This week has completely flown by! I did not even realize its the day before FRIYAY! If you saw on Facebook or Instagram, I totally re arranged my living room... It started with moving a chair and pretty soon the whole room was different. My brain!!! LOL I also spruced up this little hallway of ours and wanted to share it with you. I don't think I've ever shown this space on here...


How to Style a Nightstand 3 Ways with Video

how to decorate a nightstandHalllllo! Happy almost Friday!! I hope you're all doing well. I'm super excited that our town here is starting to open up a bit. I'm still keeping low and not going out a lot but I'm glad to know things are starting to get back to normal. While I've been in ive been creating a LOT and it's been so good for my soul. I wanted to show you how to style your nightstand 3 different ways...


DIY Record Side Table

Stacked records as a side table
Hey my friends! I hope your week is going well. It's been so gloomy here but no rain... like if it's going to be cloudy, at least rain! Otherwise give me sunshine!! I cheered myself up by going to my parent's house and "shopping" LOL I've talked before about how their house is my favorite antique store... They usually just let me go around and take things I want for free! FUN! This week I found some old records and I'm OBSESSED WITH THEM...


DIY Hanging Kitchen Storage with Video: No tools needed!

spring rod between cabinets with s hooksHello loves!! I hope you're doing well!! My town is starting to open up again and it's definitely bringing my spirits up again! I was playing around in the kitchen the other day and decided I really wanted something over my stove. A very tall person must have built this house haha because the vent hood is up high (which I love) but I wanted to fill in the space a bit...


Two Legit to Quit Birthday Party for CHEAP with FREE Printables

Hey my friends! I am a bit behind on this post... His Birthday party was in March but I actually forgot to post about it!! Second child problems HAHA! I was looking through my plans for posts and realized I totally forgot about little Rowen's Two Legit to Quit Birthday Party! Better late than never I suppose... I am NEVER one to spend a lot on a party so a lot of this stuff you will be able to make yourself or print off here...


DIY Large Photos Over my Stairs for Cheap

large pictures using poster frameHey all you beautiful people!! I have a fun little project I've been working on for you today. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you've probably seen my stories about this process. I am on Instagram stories everyday and it's lots of fun so I'd love if you joined me there if you haven't already! I have this project saved in a highlight because I had a lot of questions about it but I wanted to share here how I did it as well... 


Faux Lamp in the Dining Room

faux lamp shade in dining room
Hey all you beautiful people! I hope you're all doing well. It's been a crazy time here lately but it's definitely brought out my creative side! I've done several little diy projects recently. This one is something I've wanted for a while but I'm all about saving some money. I wanted a lamp over my table ever since I moved in but that would require electrical work that I just don't want to do and really can't do at this time. I was rummaging around in my basement and found some things that sparked my creativity. I decided to make my own "light" with things I already had and no electricity required...


Gold Painted Flowers on my Bathroom Wall

Rub n buff wall treatment

Hey you! Happy Easter!! It's super dreary here but we're planning to have a little egg hunt for the boys. Even if we have to do it inside. It'll be Rowens first egg hunt so it should be fun! First I wanted to show you how I achieved this gold flower wall in my bathroom yesterday...


Dining Room Table Switch

vintage china cabinet in dining roomHope you're all well!! I have been loving the weather here the past couple days. High seventies and we've been spending lots of time outside. I've wanted to switch out my dining table for a while because the one I had was just too dark for that corner of my house. With the china cabinet and dark floors, I was wanting something lighter...


"Closet Cave" The Boy's New Hide Out!

turn a closet into a kids hideoutHope everyone is well! I've been dying to do projects around here cause I'm going a little crazy and was just looking around at places I could have some fun in and realized Rowen's closet is pretty much not being used. He has some hang up clothes but for the most part it just turned into a place to throw things in. I decided I'd surprise the boys with a little cave to hang out and watch movies in...


Kitchen Drawer Organization with Video

Image may contain: kitchen and indoor
My friends! I hope you're well! I figure in this time of staying home or whatever we're doing, I would give you a video of how I organized my kitchen cabinets and drawers. I love to organize so it's fun for me but if you find you have nothing to do... get some bins for your drawers and help your kitchen out!...


Washi Tape Wall Treatment

washi tape as a wall treatmentHello Friends! What a crazy world we're in right now isn't it? I thought I'd share something happy for you today and hopefully help get your mind off of things for a minute. Maybe even spark an idea in your head for a DIY project in your home! Might as well while we're stuck inside! I did this washi tape wall a few weeks ago and I wanted to get on here and share how I did it and give you a few tips for you to do it in your own home...


Spring Cleaning! How I Spring Clean my Home Easy and Quick

Image may contain: kitchen, table and indoor
Hey you lovely friends! Spring is in the air!! Well it was for a couple days here in Missouri but it sure did inspire me! I hope you're all doing well and keeping to yourselves with this crazy virus going around... it's pretty crazy out there! I've been enjoying being home (introvert vibes) and spending some of my time deep cleaning all of the things! No excuses! I just wanted to share with you what I do when I deep clean. Let's get to it!...


New House! Spring Home Tour with Video

floral spring home decor
 Hey friends! Long time no see! Happy New Year! LOL I can't believe it's already March!! It's been a whirlwind of crazy over here lately. Some of you know the scoop but others don't. I will definitely put my words into a post at some point I just don't think I'm ready... Thank you for respecting that! Anyway... part of the long story short, I'm in a new home!  If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you know we sold our lovely farmhouse and I'm now in a different place. A place where I feel SO safe and at home and I never want to leave. I've completely fallen in love with this home and it's the best feeling.