}); SavannaBrooke.com: June 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Dining Room

The dining room is done!! I've been decorating like crazy...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Window Pane Divider

We made a little divider for our living room. It's such a weird shape and there's 3 sliding glass doors! We definitely don't need three but we are using one to go out to the back deck. We put our small  couch in front of one and the other goes to the screened in porch which currently serves as our junk room..... Ah! Anyway.. We had just the couch there but I felt like it needed something more but I didn't want to block the view of the living room or make it feel closed off.  We had these window panes from a garage sale and I thought why not hang them from the ceiling!! Taylor thought I was crazy but ended up liking it :) Thanks Bruce and Taylor for hanging them up...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Simple DIY

I'm going to share an easy DIY project to cover up ugly things in your home! This took me about 10 minutes to do! For example I'm covering up our electric box. I hate seeing outlets, air conditioning controls, electric boxes, etc in my home... I feel like it draws your focus in and takes away from the beauty of the house. So here it is....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Laundry Room

Well we're making more progress!! We moved a few more things and I decorated part of the laundry room/ mud room....

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Still moving

 We're still moving.... We're taking it slow because we don't want to have the stress of the move after what we just went through re-doing the house. We have just been bringing in furniture and a few boxes. Naturally when I saw decorations I lost it... Haha! I had to decorate a little something, so I put a few things around... Here is our dining room table.
With our stuff being in storage, I've forgotten what I have! Its so nice to see all of my stuff again!!! Do you remember that old light we found at Habitat for Humanity? We finally got it working.... Originally there was a fan there... I spent TWO hours trying to get that sucker down. Finally it fell down on me (HAHA) and unfortunately when that happened, I pulled out some wiring. Anyways I spent ANOTHER two hours trying to figure out what was wrong... I tried different connections... I'm surprised I didn't burn the house down. I tried the switches different ways, I cried, and finally I gave up. We didn't have a kitchen light for a couple weeks... Finally Taylor went into the attic and cut away some boards and figured out the problem. He hooked the light up and on it went!!! I was so happy!!! It seems so small but its one less stress we have to deal with. These lights (New) are around $30... I got mine for $7 and used a little paint... Here it is before....

And here it is after the spray paint and Edison bulb... I still need to paint that wire. It's driving me crazy... But every time I look at it I smile.. I cant believe its there!! :)
The ONLY room in the house that is COMPLETELY finished is the bathroom.... I decorated it (how I want it for now... It will change 100 different times).... The shower curtain rod is making me twitch, but it works for the time being....

Eventually I want to trim out that mirror or find another one.. Its just one of those builders grade mirrors and it wasn't doing much for me, so I hung up a large empty frame I had. It doesn't fit the mirror but it adds a quirky, country feel to the bathroom...

I just used some twine to hang it up...

I  added some flowers and decorations to make it feel more like home...

I made a little inspiration corner in the kitchen to keep me moving. I cant wait to live here and see it all come together!!
We just have to paint the baseboards in the guest bedroom and we will be LIVING in our house!!!
Have a great week!!!!
-xo Savanna

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Starting to move in

Yay!! We've started moving stuff in! We still have two bedrooms to go but we're going to finish the guest bedroom this week (hopefully!) and work on the master while we're living there. Taylor patched the huge holes in the wall in the guest bedroom. He put a new sheet of dry wall up and it looks so much better. No more looking at pipes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting Closer

Well as usual things aren't going to plan! We're hoping to be in by the end of the month. We have some electrical issues and we need to replace some dry wall in the guest bedroom before we can move forward in there. But on the plus side I got the bathroom, laundry, and living room done!