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Easy Book Page Garland

This garland is so simple to make that it doesn't really feel worthy of a post but I thought I'd share! Sometimes I think to myself "I'm not going to post about that because it's way too easy and other people have probably done it before" but then I get on Pinterest and see super simple DIY's and think "why didn't I think of that?!" so I decided I'm gonna share it all. Big and small...


Amazon Favorites

Hello, friends! It's the middle of the week already! This week has flown by. I wanted to do a post I've never done before and I have NO IDEA WHY! I buy TONS of stuff on Amazon for my house and for my family so I thought I'd throw together a quick post on some recent purchases I've made that I've loved...


My Favorite MOM Necessities

So excited for this post! After having my first son I have really figured out what worked for us and what we bought that didn't. I wanted to get on here today and show you some things that I can't live without as a momma! Let's get to it...


IT'S A BOY!! Nursery Plans

Hello! If you couldn't tell by the title of this post, we found out that we're getting another little boy in our lives! We're thrilled. Everyone keeps asking if we think this one will have red hair. LOL who knows at this point! For those who don't know, our son Bjorn has red hair and it apparently comes from my husbands side but I have brown hair and my husband is blonde. It doesn't quite make sense! ANYWHOO... I wanted to pop on here real quick and give you a peek at what the nursery is going to look like...


Super Simple Fall Front Porch

Happy Fall!!!! My favorite time of the year and the only time of the year when I give my front porch some love. I've been feeling super sick and exhausted this pregnancy so I neglected my front porch for a while, but this last weekend it felt cool out, and I was feeling a bit better so I got my bum outside and started decorating...


Beginning of Fall in the Kitchen and Apples from Nana's Tree

I don't know about you, but my absolute favorite time of the year is fall. I don't care where I am. I was living in California and when September rolled around, you better believe I put on my boots and cozy sweaters. It may not have felt like fall outside but I sure tried to force it. This year, I don't have to force it so much...


Easy Record Gallery Wall

I'M BACK and it feels soooooooooooo great! I haven't been on my blog in a long time due to some major life changes and I'll get to that in a minute but first I want to say how happy I am to be back here. I've truly missed it. I really never realize how much I REALLY love this blog until I'm gone for a bit from it and I don't ever want to be gone as long as I was this time ever again. BUT... LIFE happens and sometimes my blog takes a back seat...


What's in my Cart: Amazon Prime Day!

Hello Friends!! I thought I'd do a quick post about my favorite online shopping outlet ever, Amazon! I wanted to celebrate Amazon Prime Day with you! I mean, it's kind of like Black Friday, right? There's so many good deals so I thought I'd share some things that I found and that are in my cart! Here we go...


Super Simple 4th of July Center Piece

Yay! Back in my happy place. It feels so great to be back. I'm super excited for all the things coming here. I've never done a fourth of July post before so I figured it would be fun! Considering my husband is a Vet, I should probably do more posts like this. I love this Holiday so much. I'm not a fan of fireworks but I love how everyone comes together to celebrate America. It makes me so proud to get to live here...


Favorite Magnolia Home Paint Colors and I need YOUR help!

I'm getting back in the groove of blogging and it feels so good! I'm back to posting once a week and want to get back to two times a week so stick with me friends! Life has been CRAZY lately but I HAVE to make time to spend in my happy place. This post is a little different because I'm asking for your help! I have a bit of a dilemma...


Dollar Tree Fireplace Makeover

Woah what a crazy couple of weeks. I'm not going to go into too much detail in this post because I'm taking some time I don't really have to pop on here and show you a super easy wall treatment that I learned from a friend of mine. Also, you won't believe where I got it from...


DIY $2 Book Page Wall and Office Update

Hi, Friends!! Super excited for this post because for one- it took me forever and two- I love how it turned out! This office just kind of got sprung on me when I found the most perfect chair ever at the thrift store. That chair motivated me to finally have a space to work in that I truly love. Lets go see!...


Friday Feature: 5 Mother's Day Gifts- Sugar Scrub Recipe

Mother's day is just a couple days away so I thought I'd share some fun Mothers Day gifts with you! Being a mom, I though of some fun diy's and things that would make me feel super special this mothers day. Flowers and a card are great, but I wanted to spice it up a bit with some cute gifts that don't break the bank. Here's what I came up with...


Easy DIY Succulent Garden

Hello my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and did something you love. I got a lot of diy projects done around the house and it turned out to be one of my favorite weekends. I planted some succulents in a bowl and I'm loving how it turned out. Also I love the price tag because I'm just gonna be honest, I can't keep anything alive...


Spring/Summer Full Kitchen Tour

Good day, friends!! I don't know what is up with this weather... In winter it felt like spring and now in spring it either feels like winter or it's pouring rain. In Kansas (right down the road from us) it snowed!! Say what!? IT'S MAY! (Justin Timberlake voice in 2000) Can we make up our mind, Midwest?!? Good grief, I'm ready for flowers, swimming pools, and outdoor projects! This weather hasn't gotten me pumped up to work outside much yet, so I've been keeping myself busy inside. This is NOT a good thing for me people. I repeat, not good...


Bye Bye Coffee Table! Spring/ Summer Living Room Tour

Well, we're back from much needed road trip away as a family. It was so good to get away. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work, we forget what we're really working for and that is to give our son the best life he could possibly have and that means FUN sometimes! Ok, so I have a fun little story that sparked this post. I was going to put my kitchen and living room into one post but this one turned out a little long. Let's get into it and God's speed...


Friday Feature: Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are really quite simple. They look complex and like a lot of work but if you know the basics of how to put one together, it comes pretty naturally after a bit. Here are the tips I use when making a gallery wall...


5 Ways to Organize a Small Kitchen

Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! I sure did. It was productive and relaxing AND I took a NAP! Yes I said it, I took a nap and it was incredible and I feel like a totally new person. I haven't napped in SO LONG!! Like years... It was a short nap, but it was a nap. Ok enough about napping, let's get to organizing those little kitchens!


Friday Feature: Navy Blue

Gorgeous blue and white kitchen boasts navy blue lower shaker cabinets and white upper cabinets finished with long brass pulls and honed white marble counters.:
Happy Easter weekend, friends!! I have today off so I'm getting a lot done in my interior design world.... One of my favorite neutral colors is navy blue. It can be used with so many different styles and colors and in so many ways. Today I came up with some of my favorite ways to use navy blue in interior design for you and I hope you enjoy!! 


Office Sneak Peek and Plans

I know.... I'm starting another project when I have 100,000,000 other things going on in this house and in my life but y'all, this is how I stay sane. Projects and wine. You have no idea how excited I am that this project is finally starting. I've always dreamed of having an office with french doors... I've wanted this for such a long time and after we moved the house around, you can read about that whole process HERE, I finally have the room...


Birthday and Anniversary Month GIVEAWAY!!

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED!***Hi friends! I'm super excited for this post because April is one of my favorite months. It's my birthday month which is always a fun time, and it's also my husband and I's anniversary month AND it's FINALLY SPRING! I know spring comes in March but it really doesn't start feeling like spring to me until April when everything starts getting it's color again. Because it's such a fabulous month, I've teamed up with an awesome company to do a giveaway, let the celebrating begin!!


Bathroom Plans

Ok peeps. I've had a pretty busy weekend. I stayed home for most of it and it was fantastic and I got a lot done. I'm sitting here thinking of how blessed I am. I don't thank God enough but I have everything I could ever need. Shelter, food, companionship, a great job, creativity, and the list goes on. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in other people. It's true, I do too. I'm human. But sometimes I sit back and think of how sad it is. We should be our own people, living our own lives, who cares what Sally up the road says. I'm making a point here, I promise...


Friday Feature: Curb Appeal

Image may contain: tree, house, plant, sky and outdoorHappy Friday my friends!! I don't know about you, but this weather has me all kinds of excited for doing projects around our farmhouse this summer. We are lacking in curb appeal around here and we need to fix that. We have some ideas of things we want to do outside and some are major, but for now I'm trying to keep the list pretty short. I want to do a few little things to make it look like we did a lot. Let's go take a look at some inspiration pictures I found this week...


Spring Living Room Update and Refresh

Ok I know I just did a living room post, but I just had to share my crazy with you. In my last post HERE I told you that shortly after I took those pictures, I moved the furniture around in my living room. I didn't move my actual Living Room though so you should be proud of me... My husband always likes to comment "pretty soon our living room will be in our kitchen and our kitchen will be in our bathroom" first of all.... EYE ROLL... Second of all, Gross...


5 Steps for Decorating a Coffee Table

Happy new week, friends!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and did what you wanted to do! I had a good one. The weather here was remarkable. I love cool breezes coming through my house so I for sure had all of my windows open and kept myself busy (no I didn't rip out our bathroom floor although it took some talking myself down). I did some re decorating and decided I'd share it with you...


Friday Feature: Tile!

Image may contain: shoes
Happy Friday, friends!! It's time for another feature and this one came to me after I went out and bought tile to re do our bathroom floor... We have never tiled before so it should be fun. Who knows when it will get done, but for now it's sitting in our bathroom staring at me as I pretend the whole floor is done and I have the bathroom i've always wanted...


Spring Inspired Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Happy Monday, Friends!! I hope you're adjusting well to this time change. I for one, am not.... I was exhausted today. It took everything I had to get out of bed to go to work. But I survived and was actually pretty productive. Probably because we're so busy at work right now, I don't really have a choice...


A Silly Little Lamp and Ramblings

Hello sweet friends! I'm so happy to be getting back into a routine on here again. It's my favorite place to be and I really miss it when I get too busy to put a post up. Currently my son is in our bed yelling about not going to bed. We just spent an hour in his room watching Frosty the Snowman (yes you read that right) It's his favorite movie ever... Tonight he told me he wanted to sleep in his own room. My heart was broken and relieved all at the same time...


Early Spring Front Porch

Geez it seems like such a long time since I've done a front porch post! It was so nice to get outside and set up a pretty spot to shoot for you today. It's like 70 degrees here in Missouri... CRAZY!! I remember this time last year I was begging for warmer weather to get outside. I love that it's come early this year but we're gonna have a big problem with bugs this year... Also I'm afraid I'm going to get sick of my spring décor early... So far we're still loving it but I change my mind everyday so we will see how long it lasts...


Friday Feature: Sinks

this sink: This week's feature sounds a little silly I know, but I'm a dreamer and we have big plans for our future and that includes picking things out we would want in our forever home. It's a little overwhelming to think about because there are so many different things I love and OH SO MUCH that goes into a home...


A Spring Inspired Entry and the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year- Greenery

Hi Friends!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend... I had a pretty productive one. I got rid of so many things! I got so tired of the clutter in my house so I finally just got rid of it all! Things I haven't worn in a while, gone! Things that were bothering me in a space in my home, gone! I've been meaning to do this for such a long time but kept putting it off. This got me really thinking of spring and all the projects I want to tackle this spring in our home and outside. I'm also wanting to add more color in my life...


Friday Feature: Kid Friendly Homes

Lately I've been super into making my home more kid friendly... I want my house to be the place kids can come and run around and I don't have to worry about them breaking anything, color on the walls (with chalk of course), make art projects for me to frame and hang up, etc. Now that I have a
child of my own, I love hanging his masterpieces up to display them...


Early Spring in the Kitchen

Yay it's almost spring!!!! I'm more excited this year than ever before. I'm loving all the pastel and floral trends this year for home décor. It's really getting my creativity flowing and truly bringing out the original Savanna. I've said it before but it's so easy to get into the swing of what everyone else is doing. I've always loved neutral décor but adding in some pops of fun light color is really starting to grow on me...


Friday Feature: Wallpaper!

Grow Pot with Wooden Board:
New things coming to SBI! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know my husband surprised me with something super special to help me with my business and blog... I came home the other day to a new computer on my desk. I was using his old lap top before that is about to blow up (lol) and I find desk tops so much easier and more convenient for me. I've been wanting one for a while but could never get myself to purchase one. I guess he finally had enough of me complaining about the laptop so he bought me a new desk top. I don't deserve him... He's too good to me...


Inspiration Sheet Series: Eclectic Farmhouse Master Bathroom

I have been so busy lately... It's not even funny. I'm the type of person who HAS to be busy at all times or else I go crazy and re arrange my whole house (see this post for more information LOL) but I have been so busy that I haven't even been able to put a new post up!! Typically I try to do two a week because that's really all my schedule allows, but I completely FAILED this week. Also I've felt super uninspired in the decorating department lately. Maybe I'm working my brain too hard in all the jobs I have but It's so not like me...


Ready for Spring- Living Room Tour and No Sew Pillow Case

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for spring. I was looking outside earlier onto our back deck and I thought it had felt like years since we have been able to open up the back door to the deck for kids to play and host bbq's and let the breeze in. This winter has felt so long and I couldn't stand the dreary darkness anymore so I decided I wanted to add some pops of pink...


Snack Time!! - Convenient Snack Bar in the Kitchen

Hi, friends!! I hope everyone is having a good week. Mine has been super busy but that's not a bad thing! I'm so overwhelmed with work it's crazy.... I don't want to complain because I'm so so very blessed to be doing what I love, but I also feel like this all happened at the most inconvenient time. I've always been the type to stay busy in some way. I've never really liked to sit down and relax. Not that I don't like it, I just figure I could be doing something productive to improve my life and my families life so I'll relax when I'm old. If I'm doing nothing I feel like I'm wasting time. As you know, I'm constantly changing things around and making new things. That's why I decided to start this blog to document my craziness...


Quick and Easy Vegetarian Energy Bites

Hello friends! I've been so busy with work and life and everything in between, but that's not stopping me from getting myself and my family a little healthier. I'm slowly (very slowly) transitioning into the vegan lifestyle. I was vegetarian for 4 years of my life while in college and after. I started eating white meat again when I got pregnant because I didn't do the whole vegetarian thing right. I didn't get enough protein so I was always dragging and tired and didn't feel quite right. This time I'm doing it right and I've been coming up with easy recipes that I think are going to help...


A Year Comparison: The Living Room

I think I want to do this every year at the beginning of the year... It's kind of fun looking back at my old posts. I love seeing how much our house has transformed in just a short time. Its crazy for me to think back even just a couple months ago and how different our house is now that we've moved everything around (you can read more on that story HERE) As you probably already know, this room used to be our dining room. We never really used it as a dining room so this functions much better for us as our living room because it's right off of our kitchen. Let's see how this room looked just last march...


Wallpaper Feature Wall: Pros and Cons

Hi, friends! I had a very productive day outside today. It's so crazy how much the weather changes here in Missouri. Today it was 60 degrees and I had all of the windows and doors open. Just last week, school was cancelled because of the bad weather... But I'm not complaining. I've been dreaming about spring and to have a spring like day today was much needed. I got so much done. Last weekend, we went to Target (surprise) and I spotted this brick stick on wall paper. I thought I'd give it a shot and see how I liked it. I have some pros and cons to share with you today...


New Master Bedroom Tour: Part One

Finally, the room I've been sneak peaking is done! Well... one side is done. If you follow me on Instagram, you know why I've waited so long to do the other side. I had to wait for new curtain rods to come in, and I have to take the curtains down, wash them, fill in the holes and paint. Hang up the new rods, and curtains and then it'll be done. Also I want to do something different to the fireplace so it could be a bit but I wanted to show the side that is done...


Quick and Easy Vegan Shakes

My first recipe post... There's a reason for this. I don't like to cook and I'm soooooooo not good at it. But I try and I do make dinner for my family (almost) every night. I've been on a healthy kick lately, trying to get my family and I to eat cleaner and healthier. I've never eaten poorly really... I've never liked fast food, or soda, or meat. But I also don't eat the things I should like fruits and vegetables. Basically, I like carbs...


A Year Comparison: The Kitchen

Ok, so I really didn't want to do two kitchen posts close to each other but I had some good lighting this weekend in the kitchen (which is rare) so I quickly got some pictures because I knew I wanted to do a comparison series to compare my house today to a year ago...