}); SavannaBrooke.com: February 2016


Before and After: Bathroom and Laundry Room

This post is all about our bathroom and laundry room makeovers. These two rooms were the first I got to decorate after we renovated the house. I didn't change a whole lot in these rooms except lots and lots of paint. I was going to paint the vanity in the bathroom but I have a dream bathroom in my head that doesn't include this vanity... I'm hoping we can get going on that project within the next couple years but until then, this one will do. I kept the tile because the budget didn't allow for that expense and until we renovate the bathroom, I'm fine with it. I just cover it up with rugs... Haha! Lets get into the before picture of the bathroom...


Built in Shelf Redo

My awesome friend let me play with her built in shelving a couple weeks ago. These shelves are on either side of her fireplace in her living room and she didn't know how to style them...


Before and After: Kitchen

I've been wanting to do a before and after post on our house for a while. I started to do it for the whole house and realized that it was going to be a very long post! So I decided to split it up by rooms. I'll go through all of the details and everything we have changed over the few months we've been in the house. We've almost lived here a year... I cant believe it! Time is going by way too fast... So with that being said, lets get into the before pictures. You've been warned....


Winter Table Setting

Well it's about time I got my winter table decor up.... I have been so busy and haven't been able to focus on my blog... Its been a crazy couple of weeks but I'm back! And I have lots to show you so thank you for still supporting me..