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A Dreamy Bedroom

When I moved back home, I was itching to do some decorating. We didn't have a place of our own and I had already decorated the nursery. My parents asked me to do a couple rooms in their house. Their bedroom needed a makeover first so my mom and I went to Tj Maxx and found everything we needed for under $200! It was so fun to go through the store and pick out all the cozy things needed in a bedroom. Their room has a lot of windows and looks out to the garden and trees so I wanted something airy and natural. My parents favorite color is yellow so of course we needed to incorporate some of that into the room. I love to go with a neutral palate and add some color with throws, flowers, and pillows depending on the time of year. We were having a bit of spring fever so we added some greens with the plants and yellow in the pillows and throw blanket.


The Nursery

Anyone who has gotten out of or knows someone who has gotten out of the military probably knows how difficult it is. We moved from California to Missouri with no where to live, no jobs, just a storage unit for all of our furniture. My wonderful parents were gracious enough to take us in. I was 8 months pregnant and very emotional. It wasn't my proudest moment haha! With my passion for interior design I always dreamed I would decorate my childs nursery and organize all of his little clothes in his closet, my husband would set up his crib and dresser... Well moving across the country at 8 months pregnant doesn't really allow for all of that. After I found out I was pregnant I decorated our guest bedroom on base with all of the things I had collected for our future child. I just couldn't help myself! it looked a little something like this...

A year ago today...

WOW I can't believe how fast time is flying by... Last year on April 9th we found out our lives were going to change forever. My husband and I had just gotten back from our anniversary cruise and my parents were visiting us in California.



SavannaBrooke.com started when we bought our first home in 2015. I wanted a place to document our projects along the way and this blog quickly turned into something I am so thankful for. It's the best creative outlet for me and something I am passionate about. It has gotten me through some hard times and continues to bless me everyday with an outlet to share my creative side. Our first home was a little farmhouse in small town Lawson Missouri with over 6 acres. I fell in love with it, broken windows and all. Over the course of 4 years I put my all into transforming that house on a major budget. By the end, there wasn't an inch in that home that I hadn't touched. My goal was to make something no one would want into something my family could call home and feel comfortable in. We loved that house but we sold it in 2019 and I am now living in a new construction home with my two sweet boys- Bjorn and Rowen. It's very different living in a new construction home than an old home but I love this house just as much as the old one. Slowly adding character to it and making it home for us is what I'm passionate about. Thank you for following along on my journey!

25 facts about Savanna:

1. My kids father and I are absolutely KILLING the co parenting game. Our boys are number 1 before anything
2. I love my coffee black and my wine dry
3. I've always loved fashion. I got best dressed in high school lol 
4. I absolutely can't stand ketchup. Like I can't even talk about it...
5. I lived in California for 2 years
6. I work for a real estate firm and love everyone I work with. So blessed
7. I love summertime the most
8. I've loved interior design since I was a little girl. Instead of watching cartoons I watched Candice Olson everyday.
9. I don't drink soda... Never have really liked it
10. I'm very picky about my desserts. We just won't even get into it.
11. I want to live at the beach
12. My ultimate dream is to have a claw foot tub by a window... on the beach
13. I'm a Taurus and Enneagram 9 (9w1)
14. I love essential oils
15. I could live on pasta forever
16. My dream vacation is Italy because I want to eat all the things
17. I RARELY watch tv. I just don't enjoy it but I do need background noise at night so I turn it on for that
18. I love every kind of water... drinking water, the ocean, pools. I just really love water lol
19. I have a very small group of friends
20. I don't feel complete unless I have fresh flowers on my kitchen table
21. I love music. I constantly have music playing at home
22. I hate wearing shoes. You'll probably always see me without them
23. I despise laundry but I like doing the dishes
24. I'm somewhat of a "clean freak"
25. I can't sit still!! 

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