}); SavannaBrooke.com: March 2016


Easter Dining Room

An Easter blog post after Easter..... That's just my style. Haha! It took me a long time to put this room together. Normally I get inspired and go at it, take pictures the next day, edit them and can get the post up pretty quick. Something just wasn't clicking with this one. I changed things round several times, felt frustrated that I didn't know what to do...


Dining Room Table Spring Refresh

I have a bit of a fun post today. Something I don't normally do... In my house, I like everything to be neutral. I don't add much color. My favorite color is white... :) I decided this spring I want to add some pops of color. My husband loves color so when I say I want to paint a piece of furniture white, he rolls his eyes. In a perfect world, everything in my house would be white... But that's just not practical and my husband would probably never come home...


Before and After Living Room

My Before and After series continues with our Living Room. I'm excited about this post because this room is my favorite. It's one thing that sold me on the house because of the wood stove and all the natural light it lets in. It brings the outdoors in with all of the sliding glass doors. This room has THREE sliding glass doors that go outside... Why they needed so many, I'm not sure but I love all the light. Especially in the morning. Eventually I want to replace the doors with french doors. I can imagine the doors being open and the curtains blowing. My heart! Two of the doors go out to our back deck and the third goes out to our screened in porch...