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March Favorites!


Happy end of the month!! I thought it would be fun to share my weekly favorites I share on Facebook and Instagram here wrapped up in a monthly blog post. My favorites range from beauty to home decor to fashion to kids stuff. Just whatever I'm into at the time! I hope you like this new series! Here are my favorites for March!!...

This lip gloss is seriously so pretty. The shade is stunning. I'm not a big lip product wearer besides chapstick but recently I've been kinda into wearing stuff on my lips and I absolutely love that this gloss just gives a wash of the most perfect mauvy color. I love it so much I ran out of my first tube in a month!! I'm constantly wearing it. 

Get the gloss HERE

These nails are UNBELIEVABLE. I am a DIY'er all around. Even when it comes to beauty products and because of that, I do my own nails. I have tried every different type of press on nail to the point where I thought I knew what my favorites were but THESE YALLLLL... THESE ARE A GAME CHANGER! I am very excited about it because they have been on my nails for well over a week and I have not had ONE come off. Not one. Not even close. Normally I'm having to carry glue around to fix them from time to time but these have not budged and still look as good as they did when I first put them on. They come in such pretty pastel colors too. Must buy!! (yes they are short and maybe that's why they stay on so well? but I'm loving the short look lately)

Get the nails HERE

This hair waver. I'm obsessed. I've been wearing my hair like this for days now and I can't stop. It gives so much volume and is really fool proof!! I've never used a waver before and this one is so simple and gives the prettiest waves without them being too "crimpy". I love! 

Get the waver HERE

Speaking of DIY... And hair... I shared on my stories how I do extensions. I have used clip in extensions for YEARS. I shared how to do them and then I decided to get a little wild and put in my own tape in extensions! Again.. I shared all about it on my Instagram Stories HERE and saved it to my high lights. If you do the tape ins, I recommend binging some youtube videos first. It turned out great! I'm definitely going to be using them over and over again. 

Pros and cons of clip ins...

Pros: //they're not permanent so you can switch it up

//They're cheaper

//You don't have to commit to anything

//Easy to apply

Cons: //harder to put your hair up

//not super great for your hair because they're heavy

Pros and cons of tape in's...

Pros: //they're semi permanent so you don't have to do them every day

//You can easily wear your hair up

//You can wash them when you wash your hair

//They're healthier for your hair

Cons: //takes patience to put in/ more tedious

//More expensive

//I personally LOVE the tape in's so far.

If you're not ready to commit, get clip in extensions HERE

And if you want to give the tape ins a shot, get the tape in's HERE

Last are these cute little astrology books for kids. They say they're for babies but I love them for my 3 and 6 year olds. They just have some positive affirmations for your childs astrological sign. They're super quick and cute.

Get the astrology books HERE

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!! Thanks as always for stopping by!! 

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