Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Design Services

Design Services

New Construction: If you're building a house and need some help picking out the finishes, I would love to help you! Send me an email to get pricing and information on what all I can do to help. 

E Design: If you are a do-it-yourself-er but need a push in the right direction, send me an email for information on my Inspiration Sheets. I'd love to hear from you! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Dreamy Bedroom

When I moved back home, I was itching to do some decorating. We didn't have a place of our own and I had already decorated the nursery. My parents asked me to do a couple rooms in their house. Their bedroom needed a makeover first so my mom and I went to Tj Maxx and found everything we needed for under $200! It was so fun to go through the store and pick out all the cozy things needed in a bedroom. Their room has a lot of windows and looks out to the garden and trees so I wanted something airy and natural. My parents favorite color is yellow so of course we needed to incorporate some of that into the room. I love to go with a neutral palate and add some color with throws, flowers, and pillows depending on the time of year. We were having a bit of spring fever so we added some greens with the plants and yellow in the pillows and throw blanket.

My dad made the sign above the curtains for my mom. It says "If I had a day just for wishes and dreams that had never come true, the box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you". The love they have for each other is truly inspiring.


 My parents own land in Taos, New Mexico and are always bringing things back from there. My dad loves the adobe color of the buildings so he took a ball of adobe to the paint shop and they matched the color perfectly. It definitely warms up the room . The "curtain rods" are long wood logs they found and I just attached the curtains with some twine because the logs were too wide for curtains to fit around.  
I wish I could nap in here and wake up to the birds outside the window. I guess my parents deserve it :)

It was a rainy, gloomy morning when I took these pictures and then when I got them all uploaded the sun came streaming through the windows. I guess that's what I get for being impatient...
Have a wonderful Sunday!
-xo Savanna

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Nursery

Anyone who has gotten out of or knows someone who has gotten out of the military probably knows how difficult it is. We moved from California to Missouri with no where to live, no jobs, just a storage unit for all of our furniture. My wonderful parents were gracious enough to take us in. I was 8 months pregnant and very emotional. It wasn't my proudest moment haha! With my passion for interior design I always dreamed I would decorate my childs nursery and organize all of his little clothes in his closet, my husband would set up his crib and dresser... Well moving across the country at 8 months pregnant doesn't really allow for all of that. After I found out I was pregnant I decorated our guest bedroom on base with all of the things I had collected for our future child. I just couldn't help myself! it looked a little something like this...
I made a lot of the stuff for this room. I don't like spending a lot on d├ęcor. I usually try to fix stuff up or make it myself. I made his mobile by tying ribbon all around a twig wreath and attaching small squares of scrap book paper to the ends. The ball in the middle came off of a lamp I had but the base broke so I just tied it in the middle of the wreath.
The table was a friends and she was moving so she gave it to me. It was silver with a glass top but I wasn't feeling it so I spray painted it gold and made a new top out of wood we had laying around the garage. I painted the top white and set it on top. Viola! Table for the nursery...
I made the "DAD" sign for my husband for fathers day. I just stained a wood plaque I found at Michaels and painted the quote on it. The two frames with animals in them were frames from target. I covered the picture that was originally in it with some scrap fabric I had and traced some animal silhouettes I found online, cut them out and spray painted them gold. I just added them to the middle of the frames and there you go! Art! if that's what you want to call it.... Next I found some fabric rings (is that what you call them?) and put some lace I had left over from another project and hung them on the wall. When we moved I replaced the lace with burlap... it seemed more masculine. The old window I found for ten dollars at a thrift store and the dresser and baskets I already had. My parents had two rooms they weren't using so they gave us a nursery and our own room. I was so excited I had a nursery to decorate!! So here it is after some paint and help from my hubs...
 This beautiful crib was originally my cousins and then it was passed down to me and now I am so excited to pass it down to my babies...

 That elk head on the wall is one of my favorite things.. I wanted one so bad for the nursery but I never could find one reasonably priced. I saw this one at TjMaxx for thirty dollars and I told myself if I came back in a week and saw it I would get it. Well I went back and couldn't find it. I looked all over the store and spotted it in the clearance section!!! I ran over and picked it up and his poor antler was broken but it was marked down to fifteen! You cant really tell its broken unless you look real close so I bought it. Originally it was a tan color and I spray painted the antlers gold and the face an off white. I stuck a frame around him and there he is!
 I also made those hooks. I found two fence posts and stuck them together using glue and a staple gun. I'm impatient and that was all I had but it worked! I screwed some hooks into it and now we have a place to hang his little jackets and hats...

Excuse the poor quality pictures I'm working on it :)
Have a wonderful day!!
-xo Savanna

A year ago today...

WOW I can't believe how fast time is flying by... Last year on April 9th we found out our lives were going to change forever. My husband and I had just gotten back from our anniversary cruise and my parents were visiting us in California.
 My parents left to go back to Missouri that afternoon and I was feeling strange. I never had allergies or ANY problems in California and I SNEEZED! Yes I said it. SNEEZED! As ridiculous as this sounds I knew I was pregnant... Dun dun dun..... A little sneeze gave it away. I bet not many can say that. Anyway, when my parents left for the airport, I jumped in my little Ford Focus and zoomed down to Wal-Mart yelling at every car that got in my way (I apologize to any drivers out that day). I purchased a test and took it the second I got home and let me tell you, those were the longest three minutes of my LIFE! I creeped back into the bathroom to see what the results were and immediately fell to the ground crying. No they weren't sad tears, they were happy tears! I had never been so happy to see a little stick with two lines on it before. Well lets be real I've never really seen a stick with two lines on it before... BACK TO THE STORY SAVANNA! My husband was at work and wasn't due home until about 3pm. Well at this time it was around 1pm and I was so impatient! I text him asking when he would be home and he knew something was up. I never ask that and he can read me like a book... Even through text messages. I sat for three hours waiting... and waiting. It was torture. When he got home I couldn't stop smiling but I didn't want to give it away. I wanted to be like all of those awesome Pinterest girls who tell their husbands in those cool ways like with the coffee cup or pasta sauce... Haha but I didn't have time for all of that so I put the test in a box and wrapped it like a Christmas present.. After I talked to him for a while trying to pretend like it was a normal day I went and got the box out of the kitchen and handed it to him. He of course thought I got him some kind of really cool gift. Honestly I'm the WORST gift giver.... But he opened it and picked me up and twirled me around and said "lets go to the hospital!" So we went and they confirmed I was indeed pregnant! He took me to McDonalds and we had a romantic meal together of French fries and ice cream sundaes with extra fudge. It was magical..... We never dreamed such a little guy could make us so happy. He has changed our lives forever and we will always be so grateful for the gift god has given us.
Heres our announcement...

Here I am at 39 weeks. 
 And here he is... Our beautiful bundle of joy!!!!
Have a blessed day!!!
-xo Savanna

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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