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A Dreamy Bedroom

When I moved back home, I was itching to do some decorating. We didn't have a place of our own and I had already decorated the nursery. My parents asked me to do a couple rooms in their house. Their bedroom needed a makeover first so my mom and I went to Tj Maxx and found everything we needed for under $200! It was so fun to go through the store and pick out all the cozy things needed in a bedroom. Their room has a lot of windows and looks out to the garden and trees so I wanted something airy and natural. My parents favorite color is yellow so of course we needed to incorporate some of that into the room. I love to go with a neutral palate and add some color with throws, flowers, and pillows depending on the time of year. We were having a bit of spring fever so we added some greens with the plants and yellow in the pillows and throw blanket.

My dad made the sign above the curtains for my mom. It says "If I had a day just for wishes and dreams that had never come true, the box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you". The love they have for each other is truly inspiring.

 My parents own land in Taos, New Mexico and are always bringing things back from there. My dad loves the adobe color of the buildings so he took a ball of adobe to the paint shop and they matched the color perfectly. It definitely warms up the room . The "curtain rods" are long wood logs they found and I just attached the curtains with some twine because the logs were too wide for curtains to fit around.  

I wish I could nap in here and wake up to the birds outside the window. I guess my parents deserve it :)

It was a rainy, gloomy morning when I took these pictures and then when I got them all uploaded the sun came streaming through the windows. I guess that's what I get for being impatient...
Have a wonderful Sunday!
-xo Savanna