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Halloween Bathroom

Hello all! I know I haven't posted in a while... And I know its almost December and I'm just now posting our Halloween decorations.... And I know I'm not a very consistent blog lady... I'm sorry! I would like to say its because I've just been so busy with my super exciting, fast moving life but unfortunately its just because I've been a little lazy in the blog department... But no longer! I will dedicate more time to my little blog, I promise...

We had a Halloween party because my husband's birthday is Halloween. We were supposed to have a bonfire but it turned out to be cold and rainy outside so we took it to the garage and had a ton of fun! I didn't want a bunch of Halloween decorations all over the house because I'm just not a huge Halloween fan... I don't  know why but I've never really liked the holiday. Its more fun now because I have a child to share it with and I love watching him have fun and dress up in a cute little outfit. Anyways I decided I would just decorate outside and our bathroom. But before I show you that, here's some pictures of us all dressed up.

My little wild thing (Baby Max)

My husband and I didn't have costumes... I've never liked getting dressed up for Halloween but I figured we were hosting a costume party so we had to do something... I turned us into vampires with a little face paint and makeup... It was a lot of fun! I love makeup and trying different things so I made us pasty white and put some veins under our eyes... Creepy!

Now, on to the bathroom...

I did NOT want to spend a lot of money and wanted something easy I could put together real fast. I just put some food coloring in the bath tub and some fake organs from the Halloween store.

I added some stickers on the floor and the wall of the shower...

I just used a chalk marker to write on the toilet and that was it!

It was super fun and simple and made a big impact! The rest of my house wasn't decorated so no one expected to go into the bathroom and see this. Every time someone went in I heard laughs. It made me smile! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and I'm sorry again I'm such a slacker! I need to get it together!!! Enjoy the up coming holidays!

-xo Savanna