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Easy DIY Cabinet Makeover

As promised.... It's time for our SUPER SIMPLE diy cabinet makeover...

 I always wanted bead board in my house but didn't want to pay the price for it. I found this textured wallpaper at homedepot.com and figured I would put it up on the walls. At only $25 a roll I had to try it. So I bought two rolls and waited patiently (haha) for them to come in the mail. When they came in I wanted to get started on putting it up. I realized it would be a big mess if we put it on the walls realizing it was actual wallpaper. When I purchased it I had in mind that it was peel and stick paper (my mistake!) I don't know why I thought that but after finding out we had to soak it and deal with the mess I decided I would rather just use real bead board on the walls. My wonderful husband had already opened one package so I couldn't return it. One night we were standing in the kitchen after work and I came up with the idea to put it on the cabinets! He looked and said "nah it would be hard to cut around all the nooks in the cabinets" so I moved on thinking it wouldn't happen. He starts holding it up and says "maybe it wouldn't be that hard, wanna do it?" DUH! So we started it and had it finished in a couple hours. Talk about spur of the moment.... Here's a few pictures of the result.

I think it made such a big difference and brightened up the kitchen a LOT. 

Here's what you'll need.... 
-- A ruler
-- A smoothing tool
-- Paper towels (to clean off the glue around the edges, surprisingly there is a lot of glue that seeps out)
-- A pen or pencil (preferably a pencil but we didn't have one)
-- Scissors 
-- A towel to lay the pieces on when they're wet
-- Measuring tape (not pictured) 
-- An exacto knife or razor blade of some sort

First he measured the section of the cabinet that would be covered. Our cabinets have a rounded top and bottom in the indention so at first he measured it as a rectangle measuring from the longest spots in the indention. In our case it was right down the center. 
He then took his measurements and flipped the wallpaper over (so he didn't mark on the front even though we did get a couple pen marks on one but no worries because this stuff is paintable!) and drew out his rectangle using a ruler. 

He cut the rectangle out and then made the marks to cut out the round parts. There is probably a better way to do this but we were working with what we had and at this time it happened to be his fingernails! Haha so because this is made of a foam material, he was able to make an indention with his fingernail along the lines that needed trimmed. 

After he had one piece completely cut he handed it to me and I ran it under water for 30 seconds, laid it out on the towel and while it sat for about 5-7 minutes he measured and cut the next one. 

When they were ready to go up he placed them and then smoothed them out with the smoothing tool (when you purchase this they give you suggestions on what to purchase with it and this is one of them) and I came in behind and wiped off the edges to get rid of a LOT of glue. You'll need a ton of paper towels for this. I believe we went through half a roll! 
We went around and smoothed each door 2 to 3 times and left it to dry over night. 

After it dried we went in and trimmed off some edges that weren't perfect with an exacto knife/ razor blade and now we can enjoy our newly updated cabinets! We still have over half a roll of this stuff so if you're looking for an easy and cheap cabinet makeover, I totally recommend this! 

Here's a close up...

   Before                                                                                                                                    After

I hope you enjoyed and maybe got inspired by our super simple cabinet makeover! Have a wonderful week!! 
XO- Savanna

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