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Easter Dining Room

An Easter blog post after Easter..... That's just my style. Haha! It took me a long time to put this room together. Normally I get inspired and go at it, take pictures the next day, edit them and can get the post up pretty quick. Something just wasn't clicking with this one. I changed things round several times, felt frustrated that I didn't know what to do...

I didn't get the full inspiration for this post until a co-worker of mine brought me these tulips and said "thanks for everything you do". It was so sweet and I didn't stop smiling. When you start a new job, your nerves are everywhere. I am the type of person that wants to please everyone. I want to make everyone around me happy and I'm especially that way when it comes to my job... I want to do everything to the best of my ability and then some. When she came in and handed me those it made me feel so welcome and accepted and like I really was doing well. I doubt myself a LOT but this re assured me that everything was OK and I found what I want to do in life. Its such a blessing to be able to say that. Anyway, enough with the sappy story.... Here is our Easter Dining Room.

I put out my grandmothers china first, got the table cloth out of the closet, and put the faux fur rug on the bench. I knew I wanted light with pastel colors. I put the tulips in an Easter basket on a silver tray and surrounded it with flowers, bunnies, eggs and everything Easter!

My little bunny friend here was off the web! I googled "vintage rabbit" and up he popped. I printed it and put it in a frame. My grandmothers china floods the table. I have been wanting to do a post with all of her china and I figured spring was the perfect time. Especially after I got those pink tulips. It was just meant to be :)

I printed some eggs off the internet and cut them out to put under the twine around the napkins. A lot of the things you will see will be printed off the internet. 

I found all of the pictures online. I literally googled what I was looking for, hit images and printed a few off. Super easy and FREE! Who doesn't love that??

My sweet Husband always pampers me. He got me a spring bouquet one day when HE WENT GROCERY SHOPPING for me. Yes I'm very excited about that... What girl wouldn't be?? I have them on our diy kitchen island.

My mother-in-law got me that awesome bird feeder for Christmas.... I couldn't put it outside- its way too pretty! I smile every time I see it. Thanks, MOMMA!

Heres another free bunny picture I printed...

This drawer system is right next to our desk. I got it from my parents house because they didn't want it anymore so obviously I said I would take it. I want to paint it this summer.... Can you guess what color?! :D LOL

Right next to the front door is our hook system I made from old fence posts. I attached them together in the back and added some hooks. I didn't need to paint it or anything because I like the worn look of them. 

I added some spring flowers and an old lantern my parents gave me. I also made this garland by simply googling "vintage Easter eggs" this free printable came up (the whole picture is printed a couple pictures down) and I printed it off, cut out the eggs and glued them to a piece of twine. Easy cute idea for any holiday! 

Here is the full egg picture. I printed two so I could cut some out and frame the other. This one is on our old door we found at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I added my pink apron (that never gets used :P) from TjMaxx and some garage sale china along with some other pieces from my grandmothers set onto my little vintage chair. Sometimes I go to my parents house and raid their cabinets looking for old pieces they don't use anymore. Anyone else do this?? Well I always leave with something cool and this silver tray was one of them. I also scored an old rusty hanging vegetable basket. It needs to be put back together but once I get it done it will be going up in the kitchen! 

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Dining Room... Even though its not Easter anymore, not even close... Save it for next year! :) Have a great week friends!

xo- Savanna

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