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Early Fall Dining Room Vignette

I just couldn't help myself today... Every year around this time I just can't wait for fall. I wait and wait for the weather to get cooler, the leaves to fall and everything pumpkin to start hitting all the stores. This is what I live for. I love the idea of decorating every room with warm blankets and throw pillows, bringing outside elements inside, and wrapping up in a sweater with some hot chocolate on the couch. I love this season and everything it brings along with it! So with that being said, I had a Monday full of dreaming of fall. Pinning everything pumpkin and thinking of how I wanted to decorate my house this year. When I got home from work I just started re decorating. I'm crazy like that. I originally had a plan for something I was going to paint today but then I got all wrapped up in all things fall and came up with this early fall vignette in my dining room...

I got started by painting some of my dollar store pumpkins I had from last year. I decided I wanted a very neutral, woodland theme this year so I painted them white and gold.

For my sons nursery, I had a gold and white woodland theme. I took some things out of his room for this project. I don't think he minds...

The two pictures hanging were made by just printing two animals off of the computer, cutting them out and then spray painting them gold. I added some extra fabric behind them and put them in some frames I got a while back at Target. And viola! Easy, cheap décor.
I made the hooks out of old fence posts. I connected them in the back and added some hooks.

The pillow case I got here from Amazon and the throw I got a while back at TjMaxx.

I took some twigs from the front yard and put them in a pitcher along with some other twigs and wheat grass I had inside already. The sewing machine was my great grandmothers and the lantern I stole from my parents house. I love raiding my parents barn. They have the best stuff hidden away!

I got the chest a long time ago from Pottery Barn, the large picture up top was also stolen from my parents house (lol) and the desk was found on the side of the road. Yes the side of the road...

I hope you enjoyed and got some fall inspiration! I am seriously so excited for this time of year. Starting in October it's our busy times. Everyone's birthdays, and all the holidays. I have a lot of planning ahead of me so I better get all my unfinished projects done. Have a wonderful week friends and I'll be back next week with a new post! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

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XO- Savanna