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My New (old) Chandelier

I went thrifting last weekend and had my mind set that I wouldn't find anything. I ALWAYS go to thrift stores and find little things I don't need and never find things I'm actually looking for. I was looking for 2 very big things and I found both of them, on top of those two things, I also found this amazing chandelier...

I spotted it and almost screamed with excitement. I have always wanted a big vintage chandelier in my home so I grabbed it and put it in my cart and ran to the front to see if they could test it to make sure it worked. I didn't get excited yet because I was preparing myself for it not to work so I wasn't totally disappointed. Things like this don't normally work out for me! Lol- When he plugged it in it came right on!! It had all the crystals. It was too good to be true...

In a way I was right because it took us at least 45 minutes to put it up. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong putting this thing up. It was so heavy and we had all kinds of problems. Lets just say I cried a little...

But then we got it up! We turned it on and I swear I haven't turned it off since. Our bedroom is right off of this room so I dim the chandelier at night and look at it while laying in bed. I'm a weird-o I know. I just love this thing and I think it totally completed this room.

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