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Toddler Bedroom Makeover

FINALLY!!! If I haven't had every technical difficulty in the world with this post.... But it finally came together. First camera difficulties, but in a way I'm happy about it because I've added more to this room. And then computer difficulties. But it's ok because we're here now!! This room was driving me crazy for so long... I always said I didn't want to decorate it because when he got old enough, I wanted him to be able to decorate it however he wanted because when I was little I was always re decorating my room (no shocker there) and that's how I came to love interior design. So I want to give him all the freedom in the world to express his creativity, but man was it driving me crazy in here...

I just did some super simple updates in here that didn't cost me much at all. First I started with painting the chalk board wall on the other side of the room. We'll get to that later. Then I guess I didn't have enough of the chalk board paint because I started painting X's on the wall... My husband wasn't home by the way... I was going to do the whole wall but I knew it wasn't going to be perfectly lined up so I figured doing a wave of x's would be better. Imperfectly perfect I like to say. Also would take a lot less time and effort and we all know I'm impatient. I then added those stick on badge looking things between some of the x's and those are from Target dollar spot.
After the paint I moved his bed, switched out the bedding with stuff I already had, and layered two rugs on the floor. Once I start, I can't stop. The blue one was already in here and I got it at Aldi (!!!!!!) and the other one was in our bedroom but I got tired of it in there so I brought it in here and layered them.

After I got the pictures on the computer, I noticed the deer head isn't straight... That's about how this room make over has gone!! But I've tried way too many times to get this thing up to go back now. So you get what you get!
This deer head was originally in my sons nursery. I got it at TjMaxx and I'll tell you the back story- I was in the market for one for his nursery but I didn't want to pay too much. I was at Tj Maxx one day and I found one. I liked it but it was more than I wanted to pay so I passed it up. I felt like I should have bought it when I left so I went back the next day and I couldn't find it. I knew I should have bought it when I saw it at first! So sadly I started wondering around and I stumbled across it on one of the clearance end caps!!!! I ran like a crazy lady and grabbed it up and noticed it's antler was cracked. No worries! I can fix that! A little gold spray paint and some glue later, I had exactly what I wanted for his nursery! Fast forward to this year, one of Bjorn's little friends was playing in his room and kicking the wall... Don't ask why, and it fell off of the wall and one of the antlers fell off. I kept it anyway because I save everything... When I started doing his room, I really wanted a deer head in it. I remembered I had this one so I got it out and after looking at it, I thought about putting twigs in for his antlers! So after hammering the other antler off (you should have seen it) I stuck some twigs down in his head and viola!! New deer head!!!

I made the thing (I don't have a better word) around the deer head out of a fabric ring(???) and some scrap ribbon I had. The chalkboard we already had. I also made the teepee out of a drop cloth and some wooden rods. It was super simple, I just stood the rods up how I wanted them and wrapped them in twine to hold it together, cut the fabric in half and wrapped it around at the top and put more twine on it to hold it up, then cut the bottom of the fabric to go along the lines of the teepee. There are tons of tutorials with better instructions out there but I didn't use one. I just went with it and I think it turned out perfect for what I wanted to use it for.

Target has the best things in the dollar spot. I got all of the banners and string light balls there. The little white garland on the teepee I made with thread and pom balls from Walmart.

And this is where it all started. I wanted a chalkboard in his room because he loves the one in our kitchen. I started painting and noticed it kind of looked like a city at night because of the strokes I was making with my brush so that's what I turned it into! I love how it turned out. It leans a little to the left so I called it the Leaning City of Bjorn-Town.

The shelves have been there for a while, they just weren't styled much. I shopped my house and found some things I would rather have in here than other places and I had baskets hanging next to them with his toys and shoes. I moved those under his bed and added a long board with clips on it from Michaels with some of his friends and people who are watching over him.
He has lots of heroes in his room. Including the large poster on another wall with Michael Murphy (Navy Seal) on it who he was named after. His middle name is Michael and Michael Murphy is my husbands hero. Lucky kid this one. He has so many looking over him, it gives me such peace of mind.

I hope you enjoyed this cheap and easy little toddler room makeover. It's amazing what some paint and moving furniture can do. I encourage you to get a paint brush and paint something. You'll be amazed at what it will do!
As always thank you for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to over here. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!
xo- Savanna

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Here are some real life pictures, after Bjorn saw I was in his room taking pictures, he had to come in and destroy everything :P