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New Master Bedroom Tour: Part One

Finally, the room I've been sneak peaking is done! Well... one side is done. If you follow me on Instagram, you know why I've waited so long to do the other side. I had to wait for new curtain rods to come in, and I have to take the curtains down, wash them, fill in the holes and paint. Hang up the new rods, and curtains and then it'll be done. Also I want to do something different to the fireplace so it could be a bit but I wanted to show the side that is done...

This is my favorite little corner. Mostly because it has my favorite painting hanging in it from Wild Field Paper Co. You can find my painting here. I've wanted one of these for such a long time and when I started with this make over I knew I had to have one in here. I hung it up with a hook I got at Home Depot, spray painted gold.

It's just so pretty and the packaging she packed it in is just as amazing. The dresser next to it just holds some of my favorite candle sticks, two mirrors I found in our garage when we bought the house and some thrift store books I took the covers off of for some height.

The frame above the bed was thrifted and was already gold. The chandeliers came from Amazon here. They plug into the wall or you can hook them up to be hard wired in the ceiling. I don't kn0ow if that's the correct terminology but you get what I mean I hope. I wanted two next to our bed and this is the easiest way I could figure out to get them there. They're just hung up with some white hooks you can find anywhere I think I got mine at Walmart. This way I can easily move them around if I want.

Also if you follow me on Instagram, I did a little video on how I painted those flowers in my stories. I just used some white craft paint and painted half circles all around. I accented them with black craft paint and filled them in with my favorite rub-n-buff color here You can see what else I used rub-n-buff on in my house here. It's like my favorite stuff ever. I originally really wanted a bold flower print wall paper on this wall but I chose to go with paint because, well wall paper is expensive and time consuming and I'm cheap and impatient. Also I didn't want to take away from the chandeliers and if I did a print all over, It would be very busy and the chandeliers would blend in more. The paint color is called Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams. It's quickly become my favorite color. I originally bought the color Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams but it just wasn't dark enough and was too gray. I wanted almost black, brownish, grayish. I had a vision. I found this color by creeping on Pinterest and I got a whole gallon thinking it would work. When I swatched it next to the Peppercorn, I hated it. It looked just brown. I can't return paint so I went with it and I'm so glad I did because it's the perfect color. I painted the dressers next to our bed Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams. It's such a pretty green. I added some of my favorite pulls and made it look distressed it with some black chalk board paint I already had.

Our bed is from Amazon you can find it here I originally found one at Target that I loved but they didn't have our size. We have a king and we will never go back to a queen. This one is just as pretty and was half the price so it worked out perfect. All of our bedding is from Ikea including the pillows.

The large lumbar pillow is something I made. I made it after I saw how Brooke over at Nesting With Grace made one. I already had this rug that I wasn't using so I thought it would be perfect! I put some stuffing in from an old pillow that had fell apart and attached the sides with some large gold safety pens my husband got while he was in the Marine Corps and attached some fringe I got off of Amazon here.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek of our bedroom progress. I'm going to be doing a full bedroom tour later when the rest is done, but for now this is how it looks. I'm loving it. It's so nice to have a beautiful bedroom to go to at night after work. It's something I've always wanted.
Have a wonderful week, friends! And as always, thank you for stopping by to see what I'm up to!!
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Here's the inspiration sheet I had to go off of for this room: