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Monday, January 9, 2017

A Year Comparison: The Kitchen

Ok, so I really didn't want to do two kitchen posts close to each other but I had some good lighting this weekend in the kitchen (which is rare) so I quickly got some pictures because I knew I wanted to do a comparison series to compare my house today to a year ago...

It's amazing how big of a difference a year can make. I'll be comparing my whole house so stay tuned!

My house has changed so so much. From starting this blog and my design business, I've really gotten to know who I really am as a designer and what my style truly is. It's funny because I really don't have a name for my style. I should probably come up with a name because I've had people ask and I just say "um you know, it's a mix of farmhouse, eclectic, shabby chic, rustic, with a touch of modern." and then there is complete silence... I just mix everything that I love and try to make it work. When we bought our house, I didn't have a lot of practice in interior design or photography. Honestly I didn't have any. I'm self taught for sure and I can't believe the difference in myself and my house from a year ago. So with that said, let's get these before's over with!

I used to take all my pictures with my cell phone and poorly edit them in my Instagram app... Shameful! My photography is no where near where it needs to be, but it's something that I'm working on, along with other things. Now here's how my kitchen looks today...

What I love most about my house is that we have completely transformed it on a budget. I don't like to spend much on my d├ęcor so thrift stores and paint are my two best friends. I've painted pretty much everything in here. If I get sick of something in my house but still want to keep it, I give paint a try. It's amazing what it can do...

It's not perfect and we still have lots of work to do in here, but it is full of only things that I truly love, and that to me is extremely important.
I've been purging and getting rid of things that no longer make me happy and it feels so great. Everywhere I look in my house makes me happy and with everything going on in my life, I could use a pick me up!
I hope you all had a wonderful Monday and have a great rest of the week! I'm going to be posting again this week. It's going to be a recipe! I'm not a great cook but I do have a delicious treat to share with you. I've been testing the vegan waters, but more on that later...
As always thank you for stopping by to see what I'm up to, I really appreciate it!
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