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Favorite Magnolia Home Paint Colors and I need YOUR help!

I'm getting back in the groove of blogging and it feels so good! I'm back to posting once a week and want to get back to two times a week so stick with me friends! Life has been CRAZY lately but I HAVE to make time to spend in my happy place. This post is a little different because I'm asking for your help! I have a bit of a dilemma...

First of all I want to show off my sliding door separating my kitchen from our laundry room and master bedroom. We definitely needed a door here because with my husbands work schedule, he has to sleep during the day and kids running through the house on the weekends isn't exactly quiet. I decided to go with a sliding door because a regular door would get in the way of my washer and dryer to the left and it would run into the other door way if we put it opening to the right. This door needs some touching up. We need to extend the bottom and the side just a tad to make it fit perfectly and we need to replace a pane of glass that is missing but for now, it actually blocks out a good portion of the noise. 

I'll blog more about this door and what we used to make it in a later post when we get it finished. I wanted to get on here and talk about paint colors. Recently our local hardware store started selling Magnolia Home Paint I always cruise the paint chip aisle (even if I'm not in the market for paint) and grab some swatches. I geeked out when I saw the Magnolia stand the last time I went. I decided to get some samples and try some out! This sliding door is painted in the color Display. This door was a very dark green before and it covered in a coat and a little touch up. I was super impressed with the quality of it. 

The ONLY downer is.... I don't like this color next to my cabinets and bathroom paint color. Our bathroom is behind that door to the right and when it's open, the three different shades of blue just don't mix well together. My cabinets are in the color Blue Dolphin and the bathroom is NYPD blue which is a very dark dusty navy color. The cabinets being very light and the bathroom being very dark, work well together, but throwing one shade lighter than my cabinets right in the middle of the two, it just bothers me when the bathroom door is open. I didn't get a picture because the bathroom doesn't photograph well because there's no natural light so you wouldn't be able to see the true color. 

So I'm on the hunt for a new color for the door. I want to do another Magnolia Home Paint color because I am just in love with them. At the end of this post is a poll, I'd love to get your feedback!! Give me your choice for our door from some of the samples below! 

I snagged some of my favorite colors from the Magnolia Home Paint collection and I eventually want to use them all somewhere. They go so well together because they all have that dusty vintage look to them. I'm super bummed the Display color didn't work on my door because it's for sure one of my top favs. But it'll be fun to use it somewhere else and to find a new color for my door. My direction for the door was I wanted it to stand out and be sort of a pop of color. Behind the door is my laundry room and it's covered floor to ceiling in THIS wall treatment. It's black and white so really any color will work with it. The colors just have to work with my cabinets and bathroom wall color and the one's I've chosen on the poll will all work (I think).

Mineral green is so pretty. It's a dusty mint green and I'm in love. I have to use it somewhere. Ella rose is also so beautiful. It's the softest rosy pink color and I'm IN LOVE WITH IT!

I can't wait to get your feedback to see what color you think I should paint my door! This will be super fun!! Let me know what you think below! I will also add, my husband DOES NOT WANT IT PINK! But maybe he wont notice?? LOL and as much as I love the yellow color, I have zero yellow in my house and thinking of it being in my kitchen reminds me of when we first bought the house and the whole kitchen was painted yellow... Kind of nightmarish to me but I wouldn't mind adding this yellow to another part of my house someday. Ok, here we go! 

Thanks for your feedback and have a great weekend, Friends!! 

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