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IT'S A BOY!! Nursery Plans

Hello! If you couldn't tell by the title of this post, we found out that we're getting another little boy in our lives! We're thrilled. Everyone keeps asking if we think this one will have red hair. LOL who knows at this point! For those who don't know, our son Bjorn has red hair and it apparently comes from my husbands side but I have brown hair and my husband is blonde. It doesn't quite make sense! ANYWHOO... I wanted to pop on here real quick and give you a peek at what the nursery is going to look like...

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FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, I recently turned one of our extra bedrooms into my office for my interior design business. You can read more about that HERE. I even said to myself "I bet I'll get this done, and we will find out we're going to have another baby or something and I'll have to turn it into a nursery" and wouldn't you know.... That's exactly what happened! I FULLY enjoyed that office while I had it. It was so convenient and I was super productive in there, but God has other plans :) 

Here is what this room looked like as an office

What it looks like currently (MESSY) 

And what my hope is for it to look like as a nursery

I plan on adding a few touches of mint green in here too for a pop of subtle color. I've been cleaning it out and getting rid of things to make room for all the stuff I need to put in here. It's going to be very sad taking that book page wall down, so I'm waiting until the last minute on that one. I've decided I'm going to put up another book page wall somewhere else in my house. Whether it's this house or not, someday I'll have another one. 

Well let me know what you think of the nursery plans! I plan on thrifting the dresser so I don't have a link for that but I'll have links to everything else at the bottom of this post! Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm up to!!!
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Crib: Amazon
Gold Paint for Crib: Local Hardware Store
Rug: Rugs USA
Wallpaper: Amazon
Similar Chair: Amazon
Pendant Light: Amazon & Target
Chandeliers: Amazon
Curtains: Drop cloth from Home Depot