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My Favorite MOM Necessities

So excited for this post! After having my first son I have really figured out what worked for us and what we bought that didn't. I wanted to get on here today and show you some things that I can't live without as a momma! Let's get to it...

FIRST! This is something I recently discovered and I'm absolutely in love with it. I started carrying a backpack instead of a purse. I've seen other moms carry back packs and I always knew they were functional but I also wanted something cute. I just recently have been seeing them in super cute styles and colors so I found THIS one in a camel color at Ross and fell in love! I'll never carry a regular diaper bag again. They make diaper bag back packs but this one is just a regular back pack and I can fit all the things I need in it. 

Next up is something I tried with my first son and I still have it and plan on using it when our new baby arrives. This thing is a mom's best friend, I tell ya! It's a swing, rocker, magic baby put to sleeper all in one. My son loved it when he was a baby and so did I! I would put him in it and he was instantly out. It's a little on the pricey side but your sanity is worth it, my friends. Click HERE to get the 4moms mamaroo. It's even in the title (4 moms!).

Next up is something I think most moms have, but I loved having this handy. It's a pack n play! I would take it outside if I needed to get things done out there and my son just loved it. You can cover it with a blanket to keep the sun out. He took plenty of naps in it when he would go to my parents house. They're super easy to fold up and pack in the car. I won't go without one! You can get all kinds of attachments for them like a diaper changing station, things that hang down for baby to look at but HERE is the link to just the standard pack n play. 

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard, Aspery
My son LIVED in these onzies. They're super warm and so easy to get him in and out of because of the full zipper. You can find these cute onzies HERE but you can get them anywhere. 

Gerber Unisex Baby 2 Pack Zip Front Sleep 'N Play, Bear Brown, 0-3 Months

THIS bib is seriously the best thing ever. My neighbor gave me one of these when I had my son and I won't ever use another bib. They're super easy to use. They catch everything and I always just washed them in the dish washer with the dishes when we were done eating. Brilliant! 


Next up is something that isn't completely necessary, but I personally love having it around. THIS baby food maker is so easy to use and I feel great knowing what's in my baby's food. I just put in what we make for dinner and it cooks it baby style. You totally end up paying for it by buying jars and jars of baby food. Sure the jars are more convenient, but you can make bulk of this and put them in a ice tray to freeze and pop out later. Super simple! 

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender and Dishwasher Safe, 4.5 Cups, Cloud

Last is my absolute favorite mom thing of all time and it's not technically a "mom thing". Coconut oil! This stuff has saved me and my son so many times. I used it while I was pregnant for stretch marks and after my son was born I used it for everything. I used it while breastfeeding because we all know what happens to that area when you're new to it. I carried a little bottle of it in my bag and used it everyday multiple times a day. Also it's TOTALLY safe and good for your baby to consume some so I never worried about feeding him after I used it. I used it for diaper rashes, his dry skin, I even used it to clear up his cradle cap. I put a bunch on his head, let it sit and brushed his hair for a good few minutes. It cleared up after doing this twice. I was so amazed! I plan on using it again for absolutely everything when our next baby is born. You can get coconut oil anywhere but HERE is a quick link for you. 


I hope you enjoyed this! I loved putting it together. I'm sure there are other things I'll use daily and will feel like I can't live without them. I'll add them to this post as I think of other things. I hope if you're a new parent and are overwhelmed with wondering what you may need, that this helped you narrow it down a bit! Have a great week, friends!!! 
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