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Monday, November 19, 2018

Mini Tree and Vintage Bottle Display in the Laundry Room

mini christmas tree decorHello! It's Monday, some people hate Mondays, I personally love them now days because I can stay home with my kiddos and start a new week. We use our Monday's to get ready for school (my son only goes two days a week) clean the house, stay home and relax before the work week. I always try to take some time to myself to decorate a little, especially with the holidays around the corner. I did this little tree display a while ago but I thought I'd share it today with you because I love it and it gives my laundry room that little Christmas kick that it needs. Let's go see the mini tree display!...

mini trees

All I did was put some mini Christmas tree's I got at the Target dollar spot last year into some vintage glass bottles/vases I had. They're so cute and I love walking into my laundry room and seeing them. I set them on top of my gold spray painted typewriter which you can learn more about HERE .

vintage farmhouse christmas decor

mini christmas trees

It's funny how something so simple can give us joy. I am constantly thanking God for things. Sometimes I think I probably get annoying with it. I'm so thankful for these little trees LOL (insert laughing emoji here!!!!) It's so silly but It means a little more than that. I'm thankful that I can provide a beautiful and cheerful home for my family without breaking the bank account. It means the world to me to make this house a home and it really comes to life during the holidays.

That's about all I got, friends. This little display in my laundry room makes me so happy and gives me a reason to get the laundry done LOL 

I hope you got some inspiration for your home. This literally cost me probably $2 to create. Making a beautiful home doesn't have to be expensive!! Remember that. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!! 

Let's be friends!!

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