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Boy's Closet Makeover and a Peek at their Room

Hi, friends! I've been having some technical difficulties over here.... my phone has "no more storage" and it's shattered and turning off, wont take pictures, won't send emails, wont get text messages... one would think it's time for a new phone but I REALLY don't want to pay for another one! Phones are such a pain but in this lifetime we HAVE to have one. Very annoying. Anyway, I've been trying to get this post up for a few days now and I finally made it work. You'll notice the saying on the wall is very "Halloween-ish" but that's because I took these pictures before Halloween! LOL... 

This closet before was very dark and dingy... It had purple and bright blue paint like whoever lived here before had it painted purple, then tried to go over it with blue and never finished and it was just a big mess. I'm so bad with taking before photos! I always forget until I'm done because I get an idea in my head and just go for it right then and there. You know the meme that says something like I have 456561256 tabs open in my head... THATS ME. And thats why I like blogging cause I can get it all out in one place! But anyway... Trust me when I say it was UGLY and dark and not functional. Stuff was everywhere, and I finally got tired of looking at it when I would nurse the baby!

Originally I wanted wallpaper in here but it's just too expensive and not necessary... I was just going to paint it white when I saw @ClassyClutter's paint stroke walls in a playroom they did and that was it! I got out my paint I already had and just did random paint strokes after I put 4 layers of white to cover up the purple and blue... EYE ROLLLLL....

There's no real reason to the paint strokes, I wanted them random and in stripes so that's what I did! I then separated the boys clothes, Rowen on the left and Bjorn on the right. I stacked their blankets, extra diapers, added a better storage solution for underwear and socks... They were in baskets under the bed. Very annoying. Then I hung up this cute art we got while living in California and boom! Bright, clean and functional.

Now that we're done with the closet, here is part of their room. Their room is definitely my favorite. In fact, I love it so much, I moved my computer in here! Currently sitting here blogging and watching the Polar Express with my two favorite little people. Blessed much? 

Now that the old Nursery (HERE) is the playroom (I'll blog about that soon) we moved the baby into here and he sleeps SO much better. It's cozier and quiet and darker. Also all he did was nap in the nursery so it felt like wasted space. Very pretty wasted space but still wasted and in this small house, we need all the function we can get. 

Their room is really just an eclectic mix of fun colors and everything that makes them and me smile. I love this room. I find myself sometimes sitting in here on the bed when I get a break because it's just so cheerful. It's not perfect by any means. It's not finished and it's not exactly how I want it but it's ours and it's fun. This room has hardly cost me anything to put together. I've just collected sale items over time and painted furniture I already had. I want to paint a few other things in here but it can wait. 

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! Thank you so much as always for stopping by to see what I'm up to and remember, you don't have to spend much to have a beautiful home! 

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