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Pj Masks Birthday Party: how to get a fun and CHEAP practical party with FREE printables

PJ Masks birthday party
Hey, all!! I wanted to pop on here real quick and give you a look into my sons little Birthday party we had this weekend. He turned 4 *que the tears* and he loves himself some superheros and Pj Masks! I wanted to show you how you can create your own PRACTICAL party. This Pj Masks party literally cost me almost nothing and I'm going to share with you HOW I achieved such a cheap but very fun and decorated party...

4 year old superhero party

Here is where I saved the money:

// I made his cake/cupcakes myself
// I printed a lot of things out on my printer
// I decorated only ONE room, except for the kitchen 
where the food was
// We used free pizza vouchers we had at Pizza Hut!
// I stuck to the color scheme with everything
// Stick to only one game or activity
// Themed foods and drinks

Pinterest, I love you but you have GOT to stop with the UN practical parties!! I looked up "Pj Masks party" and I swear, these people have to spend TONS on these things! It blew my mind... Now if you can do it, good for you!!! I'd love to be able to throw some of these parties for my kiddos. I did get inspiration from them but I definitely found where I could make things myself, I sure did. Here's the breakdown...

4th birthday

Pj masks birthday party

cheap superhero party

Pj masks birthday party idea

Pj masks birthday

First things first, I stuck to the color scheme with the plates, cutlery and cups. Didn't stray from it. That way, everywhere you look, there was Pj Masks colors. Next, printing a lot of the decorations yourself! As you see, I printed a bunch of little superhero signs and Pj Masks signs I found on Google. Super simple and costs almost nothing except for your paper and ink! I also printed off the Happy Birthday sign above the doors. I just made the font smaller and added in my own letters to some superhero comic bubbles. EASY!

 I decorated only his play room so when you look in there, it looks like a total Pj Masks room! Spreading it all out just doesn't make that big of an impact.

We only had one activity and it was decorating their own superhero masks with stickers. I found the masks HERE and the comic bubble stickers came with it. These Pj Masks stickers I found HERE. I also got these capes HERE for them to wear. This obviously depends on the age group. These kids just wanted to PLAY! So we kept the activities to a minimum.

Food. I chose 3 themed snacks to go along with each character and I had my husband pick up some pizzas at Pizza Hut because he had free vouchers from there. SAVE THOSE! Instead of us using them for dinner, we saved a ton by using them for our sons party. This time of year and birthday parties cost enough! I also made his cupcakes. Of course in true Savanna fashion, I forgot the liners and had a square pan... but it is what it is and it did the job! I just used some decorative icing in the coordinating colors and stuck these tags in! Doesn't have to be fancy! Just use the color scheme. I made the tags by grabbing a pic off of google, shrinking it down to a small size in word and copying it like 20 times on the page, printed them off, cut them out and taped to a toothpick. Stick them in the cupcake and there you have it!

Lastly, I always get a book with the theme as a "guest book". All of his guests sign it and he gets a little keepsake from every party. I will do this with all of my children. My cousin gave me this idea and I haven't strayed from it at all! I love it! Fun tradition!

Superhero capes

Superhero birthday party snacks

pj masks

Pj masks superhero snack ideas

Superhero birthday party snacks

Super hero cupcakes

I did spend some money on the big 4 balloon. I found it in the Target dollar spot for like $3! Normally they're anywhere from $7-10. I bought him the shirt he wore (not pictured) but you can find it at Target. The book I got at Walmart, I bought the little things hanging from the ceiling at Target in store and the table cloth, and as I mentioned above, the masks, stickers and capes. I found the napkins on sale (don't remember exactly where) and the cups cutlery and plates came from Walmart. I just bought the colors instead of the printed version. WAY cheaper and make the same impact.

This party was so fun and he had the BEST time with all of his little friends. Next up is Rowen's 1st Birthday party and I'm so excited for it. It's gonna be the cutest.

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspo for your kiddos party. It doesn't have to be expensive, friends! Make what you can and use what you have! Keep going down for some FREE printable s that I made! All you have to do is save it to your computer and print! 

Let's be friends!!