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Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

vintage christmas living room tourHey my friends!!! Another week down and another day closer to Christmas. I seriously cannot believe that 2019 is right around the corner. I don't know about anyone else, but 2018 was a little rough at times so I'm ready for a fresh new start for sure. I hope you all get everything you want out of 2019! I think it's going to be a good one. I wanted to get on here real quick and show you a peek into my living room this year for Christmas! We love this cozy room of ours and decorating it for Christmas just makes it all the more cozy...

farmhouse kitchen decor
Here's the view when you first walk into our house. I set up some of my moms vintage Santa's and put a fire on the tv using Netflix! Did you know you could do this?? Just search fireplace and it will come up. So fun. The TV Serves as our "Mantle" because our only fireplace is in our bedroom. Although, Rowen decided today that the stalkings needed to come down.... So they are no longer lol and don't worry, he didn't get hurt! We're retiring the stalking holders for a while now that's for sure. 

I just stuck some wrapping paper in a tall basket and it adds a super fun touch for very little money! I shared a list of ways to decorate for Christmas using things you probably already have HERE.

farmhouse christmas

vintage christmas tour

Our tree is my favorite. My mom got it at a little boutique here several years ago and it seriously is the most realistic tree I've ever seen. I just added some gold and white flowers from Walmart and gold and silver bulbs. Kept it simple. I love adding cozy throws and pillows everywhere and lighting candles and twinkle lights. Instant cozy factors. I put a couple of my prints on the shutters, you can find them HERE.

christmas home tour

farmhouse christmas decor

eclectic farmhouse holiday home tour

Here's a peek into the kitchen...

vintage eclectic christmas living room

I love decorating for Christmas so much. Check out our living room decorated for Christmas in the past HERE.

vintage eclectic farmhouse living room christmas

I hope you enjoyed and got some Christmas decor inspiration for your own home!!! Have a fantastic weekend, friends and I hope you can relax this weekend! I know I will be. 

Let's be friends!!