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Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Wanna-Be Spring Kitchen

Hi Friends! It has been so cold here in MO lately. Negative temps... It's insane!! I love me some snow in the winter but when Christmas is over, I'm OVER IT. We have gotten a lot of good snow this year which is fun but now its just a big cold icy MESS outside and yesterday was so frigid. I decided I'd make myself feel better by cranking up the heat, the tunes, and pull out some florals! I was reading my Magnolia Table cookbook this morning while having my coffee and thought I'd snap some pics while the light was good. Here's what my kitchen looks like today... 

After I took these, I ended up just bringing out the whole spring decor box. I could have these decorations up all year long. I just love the colors and it just makes it feel warmer. 

I mostly like to switch out just a few things for the different seasons. Pillows are a must, tea towels are one of my favorites to change up and center pieces. I just added some fresh flowers from the grocery store on the table. I'm loving a simpler and more natural centerpiece here lately. 

Of course little red had to make his appearance. Except, he's not so little anymore... Insert crying emoji!!

The colors of spring just make me happy. I realize I'm a bit premature but in order to get through this negative 54224 degree weather, I gotta put some cheer in my house!! Have you started decorating for spring yet?? They say if you decorate for Christmas early, you tend to be happier. I'm saying the same is the case for every season because I ALWAYS decorate way early.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!! 

PS. I did a quick spring diy on Facebook Live! You can watch it HERE 
DIY Countertops HERE
DIY Range hood cover HERE

Love you!

Let's be friends!!

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