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Our Kitchen Open Shelving and a New Book

kitchen open shelving
Hi friends!! Happy Saturday!! It's a beautiful day here in Ol Lawson MO. Windows and doors open on this old house. It's making me crave spring even more but it's just a teaser... it'll rain in April again I'm sure. Whatever I'll TAKE IT! My brain has been in such a fog lately. Its so hard adjusting after the holidays and kids still being out of school. I have no routine anymore!! But Bjorn goes back to school this week and I'm back on a normal work schedule so I feel like I am finally getting control of my life again!! WOO!! I'm not a routine type person but I definitely need a LITTLE structure to my life. I wanted to start out this week with a fun post! I wanted to share a super special gift I got for Christmas...

diy kitchen open shelving with barn wood

vintage farmhouse open shelving

I know you've all seen this open shelving in my kitchen many times. It's just some old barnwood and cheap brackets from the hardware store. My favorite way to build shelves - cheap and so easy! I love switching the decor out on them for all the different seasons and holidays. I recently took my Christmas decor down and added a Christmas present I got from my Mother-In-Law to the shelves. She got me Joanna Gains cook book!!! I am not a fan of cooking that much.... BUT I LOVE JOANNA GAINS and I want to try and cook from scratch a lot more. Part of my "healthy lifestyle" goal I want to achieve this year. 

vintage eclectic kitchen open shelving

kitchen open shelving out of barn wood

I decided to put her on this shelf not only because the book itself is beautiful but Joanna Gains is someone I really admire and I want to see her and her success everyday. She is so graceful and gentle and such an amazing interior designer. She has 5 kids, lives in a super old farmhouse with tons of different farm animals. She is someone who seems to live in the moment and is careful in every little thing she does and that is something I lack that I would like to one day have. She seems perfect but she also shares real life things with us to show that she isn't perfect and you don't have to be! Being a parent is hard and we moms seem to think that we have to have it all together and do ALL THE THINGS but in reality, that will make you want to drink a whole lot!!! LOL I have some aspirations I want to achieve this year, little realistic goals I've set for myself to make a little step everyday to make myself a happier, gentler person. I don't make a big resolution because I know it will overwhelm me and I wont stick to it. Small goals are what work for me.

vintage lockers as kitchen storage

magnolia table book as decor

I love seeing this book everyday. Its such a good reminder to try and be a little more like Joanna Gains. I am always striving to better myself and other people influence me so much in a good way. Obviously I want to be myself but sometimes we need the influence of other people that we admire in order to FIND our true selves. 

I hope you all have a great start to your week!!! Things are finally getting somewhat back to normal and I'm so relieved. The days between Christmas and New Years just kind of blur together and then the days after New Years are exhausting and I just need some normal-ness to my life again! You can buy the Magnolia Table HERE. She has so many simple recipes. You can tell she took the time to really pick the best, most meaningful recipes for this book. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading what I have to say. It means the world.

Let's be friends!!