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New Dining Room Decor with Easy Cheap Wall Treatment

Dining room with wall treatment

Hello! I hope you're all well. It's such a heavy time in our country right now so I really debated posting anything today but something told me to do it because this little space brings me happiness. Creating brings me happiness and sharing my creativity brings me happiness so I'm sharing it. I hope this can be a bit of a light in your day as well. Let's get into it.... I moved the china cabinet!...

Mismatched chairs in dining room

book pages on wall for wall treatment

Cheap and easy wall treatment with book pages

On top of moving the china cabinet, I also took down the plate wall that never made it. HAHA! That dang plate wall was going to send me over the edge I swear. I was constantly trying to fix it and tweak it and it just never happened for me. SO I completely switched it up!. Sometimes it's best to just take everything down and start from scratch. I absolutely LOVE my china cabinet. I will cherish it forever. I grew up with it in my grandparents house... My dad grew up with it. It's a family heirloom and I will love it forever, BUT, I needed a change. I've been lightening up my house and really trying to make it a calm and relaxing place to be for me and the boys especially in such a heavy time in history. It's been one thing after another not only in my life but in the world and I just really needed to lighten up my space so I can escape and be truly relaxed in my home.

Here's some back story... I've been striving for a comfortable home ever since someone told me long ago that they were afraid to come into my house because they didn't want to break anything. That comment will stick with me forever because that is NOT what I want at all. That person was not being mean at all in fact they were trying to compliment me but I took it in a way that they were uncomfortable in my home because there was too much "pretty stuff" and when I look back, that's all I was focused on. I only wanted my home to be pretty, so much so that I drove the people that I lived with crazy because it always had to be clean and smell good and look PERFECT. Perfect does not work with children especially two wild boys. Since that comment I have worked very hard to make my house beautiful but most importantly comfortable and a place where people enjoy being. 

Cheap and easy book page wall treatment

black and white eclectic vintage home decor

It just got too heavy over here after "simplifying" (I say that in quotes because my home is in no way simple LOL) the rest of the house and toning it down a bit with lighter brighter colors and textures. I will insert a before picture here...

China cabinet in dining room for decor

After... Much lighter and brighter. 

mismatched eclectic dining room decor

Book pages taped on the wall

book pages taped on wall as decor

After taking everything away, I added some book pages that I got out of books from the thrift store and just staggered them in an upward motion to flow with the angle of the ceiling. I've done this same wall technique before in the old house. You can find that post HERE. Then I added this beautiful sign that a friend and very inspiring person had made for me for Christmas and kept the table behind small and simply decorated. This FEELS so much better. Just light and airy and goes with the rest of the house. I'm going to use the china cabinet for blankets like I did in the old house. I loved how the quilts looked in it.

DIY book page wall decor

As you can see, it looks more balanced and functions much better this way. I'm not constantly worried that Rowen (my little rebel baby) will pull it over on him while exploring *face palm*.

Neutral dining room with metal stair case

That's it, friends!! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you can find some peace in this very difficult time. I'm definitely going to be doing behind the scenes work to raise two strong boys and teach them how to show LOVE to everyone. I hope this post inspired you in some way. Have a wonderful week <3

Love you, 

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