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Record Wall in our Hallway

Records on the wall as home decor
Hello all!! This week has completely flown by! I did not even realize its the day before FRIYAY! If you saw on Facebook or Instagram, I totally re arranged my living room... It started with moving a chair and pretty soon the whole room was different. My brain!!! LOL I also spruced up this little hallway of ours and wanted to share it with you. I don't think I've ever shown this space on here...

hang records on the wall

Records hung on wall

black and white records as decor

Remember the record side table I made HERE? I'm telling you, my dad had TONS of records... I decided to use them in my hall way as well and I put a few in Rowen's room but we will get to that later. I chose to go with an all black and white wall in here to tie in with the rest of the house. This is the hallway where our main bath is and where my boys bedrooms are. I just hung up the records by putting a tack inside the sleeve so you couldn't see it and sticking it into the wall. I also put up a cute little shelf my friend got me and a plant on an old stool. I think it's the perfect mix of vintage and eclectic. 

records hanging on the wall as decor

record gallery wall hallway

black and white records for home decor

records for hallway decor

There you have it!! I've been loving putting records on my walls for years. You can see how I hung them in the last house HERE. I just love the eclectic vibe it gives off and after I found all of these black and white ones in my parent's house, I just had to make a whole wall of them! I also have them in my bedroom and Rowen's room. I just can't stop, yall! LOL 
I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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