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Vintage Glam Closet Reveal!

brass chandelier with black medallion

Happy Saturday, friends!! I can't believe it's ALREADY April 10th. We're taking a trip at the end of the month to the beach and I feel like I'm so far behind! It seems like yesterday I was planning this trip... but it was 3 months ago... anyway, that's not why you're here. If you've been following my stories on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I started this closet reno MONTHS ago. I started it and then took some time away from it for multiple reasons but today is finally the day that it's completely DONE and I'm so excited for you to see it...
purple closet

unique closet

walk in closet decor

Here she is... In all her purple glory. 
Let me give you the run down of exactly how this happened hahaha...
When planning this closet re do, I knew I wanted something glam and different. I love using pops of unexpected color in small spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and closets. It's such a fun space to just let your personality out. This color I painted it was not originally what I was going to go with. I was going to use Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams because it's the most beautiful warm dark gray color. I used an identical color to it in my dining room HERE. I love it! BUT I wanted something a little more exciting. I had some of this purple color that I used in my hallway HERE and had some of the dark gray color left over. I decided, instead of buying more paint, I would just mix the two together to make a darker purple color. So that's how I got this color! I mixed Benjamin Moore Acai Berry (similar to Farrow and Ball Brinjal) and Benjamin Moore Sihlouette (similar to Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze). I did about 3/4 purple and 1/4 gray. It turned out to be beautiful! Before I painted, I spray painted the rods and shelf brackets gold. Yes I spray painted inside... Do not recommend. 

berry and gold closet

black and white pictures in closet

I definitely had to include some icons in my closet. This classic picture of Twiggy and then a picture of my mom from her modeling days. I added lots of hooks for maximum storage. You can find them HERE.

wallpaper in shelves in closet

flower jewelry holder

acrylic sunglasses shelves

clear shelves for perfume

I included several treasures of my grandmothers. Her favorite perfume and lipstick she wore my entire life. I have several of her perfumes so I just sprinkled them around the closet. The rainbow right above her perfume just makes me so happy. 

rare pearls perfume

This STUNNING chandelier came out of my friends new house. I saw it in one of her bedrooms and fell in LOVE and she told me I could have it. This thing is solid brass and crystal. It is HEAVY. One of the reasons why it took me so long to get this closet done was because I was nervous about putting this beast up. With all the crystals on it, it definitely would have taken me and someone else to hang it up. One day I got smart, and decided to take off the crystals! Duh... It took off so much of the weight and I was able to hang it up myself. I grabbed one of these medallions HERE and spray painted it black. It adds so much drama and I love it. I did have to cut the hole to make it bigger because the finish piece of the chandelier was too big to fit in the center of the medallion but it was easy to just cut with a knife to make it larger. 

brass and crystal chandelier in closet

colorful walk in closet

puck light in closet

I really wanted the center shelves to feel kind of boutique like so this is where I put some of my grandmas pretty things and my favorite shoes and bags. 
I also backed these shelves with this wallpaper HERE and these little puck lights HERE. Both of these add such a special, sort of high end looking touch to the shelves. 

pretty shoes in closet

fridge and coffee maker in walk in closet

Yes, you see that right. That's a mini fridge and coffee maker in my closet. LOL! I made a vanity area in here with a bar stool I had left over and decided why not bring it all in here! I get ready here everyday so having my coffee right next to me is VERY convenient and my closet is right off of my bathroom and I'm definitely one to enjoy a shower beer in the evenings so the mini fridge was necessary. Make fun of me all you want. I'll be over here sipping ;)

vanity in walk in closet

vintage gold mirror in closet

Marble coaster for jewelry tray

Plum walk in closet

gold hooks in closet for jewelry

Bar stool at vanity

Mostly everything in here is vintage or something I've had forever but the barstool can be found HERE and the sunglasses shelves HERE. The rug was found at Home Goods. Everything else should be linked above but if you see something you like, you can always message me on Facebook or Instagram! You can also see the process of this closet makeover in my Instagram highlight "closet".

Welp friends, that's it!! It's been a long time coming but I'm glad it's finally done! I say this every time, but I think this is definitely one of my favorite rooms in my house. Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Love you,

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