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My Christmas House Tour with Video

Hello!!! It's that time of year! I started decorating right after Halloween to get ahead of the game this year. I decided to take it slow so I didn't get too overwhelmed and I'm so glad I did! I think i'll do it that way every year. The home tour that I was on here locally is over and so is all my decorating! I snuck some pictures and a video before everyone came to tour my house so here you go!!...

I wen't kinda wild this year with the Christmas decor but the more the merrier??? More is more?? Right?! Sure!! I am still loving all the decor and lights! This year has been so overwhelming but decorating my home brings me back down and keeps me calm. I love switching it up. I hope you got some inspiration for your own Christmas home and thank you so much for stopping by!! 
Watch the Video HERE

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