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Dining Room Bar Updates


Hi friend!! Happy summer!! At least it feels like it here... today... it's always subject to change at the last minute in the Midwest. I haven't done ANYTHING to my house in months!! I've been so busy lately with just life and haven't had much time to do a whole lot around here. That is, until I got gifted the coolest thing ever for my birthday!...

I got this fancy gadget called a "Bartesian" for my birthday this year. It's literally a Keurig for cocktails... it's amazing and I absolutely love it. I mentioned it to this person one time months ago... they remembered and got it.... maybe I should keep them around??? MAYBE!!! You can find the Bartesian HERE. You can buy the pods on Amazon too and all you do is put a pod in the top and shut the lid, the machine scans the pod to figure out which kind it is and you hit how strong you want the drink. Put a glass with ice or whatever instructions say on the screen on top and it pulls the right liquor to go with your drink! Take out the pod and throw it away and you have a perfectly made cocktail!!

Well the Bartesian looked a little sad over in this space. I had it all dressed up cute but then decided I wanted all my bar ware over here for easy access for whichever cocktail my friends/family want to make. I wen't to At Home and found some shelves and other little trinkets and dressed up the bar for summertime. I wanted lots of florals, blue and white and glassware. I think it turned out super cute! 

This little area of my house has been made over I don't know how many times but I just keep falling more in love with it. 

That's all I got folks! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! It's a beautiful Monday, I hope it treats you well and you have a lovely rest of the week!! Thanks as always for stopping by!

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Shelves: At Home
Blue and white stuff: At Home/Homegoods
Everything else: Thrifted

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