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Solana Boutique and Event Space... NOW OPEN!!

Hi friends! Been a few... I've been very busy over here working on something so super exciting. This year has given me everything I've ever wanted and my dream of owning a store, vacation rental and event space has finally come into physical form... 

I've always had the entrepreneurial bug inside me. Since I was a kid, I've always dreamed that I would someday own my own brick and mortar business. I've done several different ventures over the years from selling my handmade purses and pencil bags in the girl's bathroom in middle school to opening up an online print store. Nothing ever really stuck, and I also just wasn't truly ready for all that a business takes. I'm in the perfect place now to make my ultimate dream come true. Let me tell you how this all went down... 

 I worked an admin job at a real estate agency for almost 8 years. It gave me so much opportunity and opened so many doors to make connections with people in this lovely town I call home. I, along with everyone else I worked with, have always known I wouldn't be there forever. I'm a creative person. Paperwork isn't my passion lol and we all know that, but they have been so kind and flexible with my children and helpful in more ways than they would ever know, and I absolutely love the people I worked with. I always will. That said, I started thinking I was ready for more about two years ago. I was finally able, after having babies and caring for my family and later getting divorced, to finally focus on what Savanna wants. This is where Solana came along. 

 Solana is the name I was going to give a baby girl if I ever had one. I never did and never will, so I chose it for the name I was going to give to an "Inn" in downtown Excelsior Springs. I started making the marketing and I really believed I was going to buy a home and turn it into an air b&b Type situation. I've basically always wanted the moon and stars. I knew I wanted a vacation rental and a store and maybe at some point I would venture into an event space. I was stuck on this idea of doing it all slow and one business at a time. Solana Inn was what I was focused on. Well, Ya'll... Idk if you know this but God has his own plan. I told my realtor friend about my dreams, and she said, "let's do it!" she had shown me a few homes with no success of me buying one. She really believed in my dream of owning a store and felt that the other stuff would just be extras. 

My ideal location was actually in the building I was working at part time. A store with a vacation rental upstairs. PERFECT. I searched for something similar but smaller because that building just seemed overwhelming to me. Well fast forward a couple months and the opportunity came to put a store in the building I was already in. They had decided to sell the building. After thinking and crying and people in my life telling me I can do it, I decided I would get an investor to purchase the building and rent from him. I tried a few different options, and someone said to me "why don't you just buy the building?" ummm because that's Fking TERRIFYING!! That's a huge financial decision and responsibility I wasn't sure I was ready to take on... But after a lot of consideration, tears, encouragement from friends and family and trusting in God, I went to the bank and got approved for a loan. 

This building feels like home. It has since I started working in the previous store 2 years ago. I learned so much working there. I really feel like this whole time working in the jobs I have, meeting the people I've met, it all just came together and brought me here to where I'm supposed to be. It's an amazing thing to look back at. The previous family who owned the building did an absolutely STUNNING job renovating it. I couldn't have done it any better. Keeping the character but modernizing it at the same time. It's beautiful and I'm so so very lucky to be able to now call it mine.  What a life!

At first, I was going to just have the store and keep the already successful upstairs vacation rental. I was happy with that decision, but I just felt like something was missing. It hit me one day that I could have all of my dreams in one place. This building is essentially two regular size buildings downtown that had been opened up to create one large one. I decided to somewhat take it back to two buildings and add an event space in one side. So, we have a home decor boutique, small event space and a 5-bedroom vacation rental upstairs. All in one! I really can't believe it all came together like this but I'm so excited to work for myself and build this beautiful life for my boys. So far, it's working out beautifully. 

This has been the wildest time of my life. I've had no time to hang out here on my blog with getting everything ready to open and spending time with my new bestie (boyfriend) but now that I'm working for myself, I will have way more time to spend over here with all of you. Thank you for sticking with me and being patient. It's been an insane 3 years of my life but it's finally all making sense and coming together in such a beautiful way. I am so damn thankful!!

Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope to see you around the store!

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