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Painted Dining Room Table and Spring/Summer Dining Room Decor


Hello!!! Happy Spring, friend! I'm super excited to say I've been purging and getting new routines set in place in my home and let me tell ya, it feels so good. Spring cleaning is a true thing and I love it every year! One thing I decided to finally check off my list is this table. Let me tell ya about it..
First of all, let's look at the table and room before... This first picture is not the best before picture because I started clearing stuff out before remembering "hey silly take a before picture duh" so I got this one. But I did scroll back through my camera roll and found another somewhat decorated one but I hated the color of the table so I always tried to hide it. But you get the idea... I re did my dining bar area not too long ago but it ended up just collecting way too much stuff. Started feeling heavy and stuffy and I wanted fresh and "simple". (my simple is not normal simple LOL)

Cute... but too much stuff. I started with finally painting this table. I got this table at a thrift store for $20!! I couldn't believe it. I've wanted a round table here for so long and finally found this beauty. It's solid and I love it. I decided to paint it black and I'm super happy I did!

This planter is from Walmart, white bowls were thrifted and the bigger bowl is from my store, Solana (www.solanaonbroadway.com)

The color of the table is Space Black by Benjamin Moore and the Wall color is Silhouette by Benjamin Moore. I love the combination of these two moody colors. I decided to do the table black to stick with the moodiness of the room. I think it works well due to all the natural light and I decided to add in white neutral accessories.

These adorable tea cups are also from my store! They sell out over and over. 

As you can see I said I wanted "simple" decor but I always end up going above and beyond that haha. I am in love with this print I found at an antique mall. It's so adorable for summer time. I added in lots of greenery for some life and some of my favorite bar accessories. 

Some sources: 

Table- Thrifted
Rug- Amazon
Chairs- Amazon
Bowls and teacups- My store (Solana)
Large Vase- My neighbor gifted me with it
Faux Fiddle Fig- Amazon
Monkey and Swimsuit print- Antique Mall
Florals- Michaels
Planter- Walmart
Bartesian- Amazon
Sconces- Amazon
Leopard Stool- Thrifted and redone by me 

It feels so fresh in here and I'm in love with my dining room all over again. I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home. Thank you so much for being here for all these years. You are amazing. 

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!