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Blue and White Tour


Hello! It's a beautiful day here in small town MO. I wanted to get on and share a little blue and white tour! I've been obsessed with all things blue and white for a while now and I've come up with quite the collection...

To me I feel like blue and white is a classic and beautiful combination. It will never go out of "style". It will always be so beautiful to me. I love Chinoiserie design and this combo has always caught my eye. 

A lot of my pieces have come from Home Goods and antique stores. The authentic stuff is very expensive so I appreciate that I can find pieces at places like Home Goods. They can definitely get a bit pricey there too so I wait for them to go on sale. For example, this big vase on my entry and the one on my island, I paid just $15 for. They were a little "flawed" but I don't mind it so they were on sale. I was so excited! 

These pumpkins also came from Home Goods. They are just too perfect. They're from the Martha Stewart line and I just wanna say thank you Martha for making my fall dreams come true with these! This little planter had to come home with me from my store (Solana on Broadway). I think its such a cute and eclectic version of the blue and white so I had to have it! 

Most everything on my cabinets came from an antique store or were gifted to me so they are very special. I keep them up high away from the flying footballs and grimy boy fingers!

The blue and white doesn't stop at my home. I have these 4 vases in my Event Space and this wall is my favorite part of the space. It still just makes me so happy. I've almost been open a year! I can't believe it. If you missed it, I opened a Boutique, Event Space and Vacation Rental in November. It's been a wild ride but a ride I never want to get off of. I'm so thankful for this journey. You can read more about that HERE

I hope you all are well. I miss being here. It's just hard to keep up with everything but holiday decor is a guarantee so I'll be back soon with more!! Thank you so much for reading! I love you all

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