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Amazon Favorites: Jewelry Under $20!

Haaaaaay friend!!! Missed you!!! I've been so busy with work I haven't been able to get on here in a bit but I wanted to show you some jewelry from Amazon I've been LOVING lately. I'm a big jewelry girlie but you know we're ballin on a budget over here so I figured I'd show you my favorite high end looking jewelry I've been wearing on the cheap. All but on of these pieces are actually under $15...

I absolutely LOVE jewelry and lots of it. I'm always wearing rings and bracelets and necklaces and earrings all over my ears and I don't like to take it off (I sleep in jewelry... shower in it... swim in it) it's borderline a problem but it's a problem that doesn't hurt anyone ya know. All of these pieces are items I've purchased and worn bunches of times. Let's break them down...

Let's start with these two designer dupes. I know you've seen these drop earrings all over the internet lately. I saw the designer pair a couple months ago and went looking for a dupe and found this one. They are so beautiful and come in a couple different sizes. I got the small size and think they are the perfect glam touch to any holiday outfit. Grab them HERE

Next is probably my favorite find so far. It's a VanCleef dupe. I am in love with the classic style. This bracelet is incredible quality. I've worn it in the shower, for days on end and no tarnishing at all! You can find this beauty HERE

Next up, let's talk tennis bracelets/necklaces. I ADORE anything tennis. Not the sport.... But jewelry. It's so classic and dainty and beautiful to me. I have always wanted a real tennis bracelet but decided I'd try and find one cheaper online. I grabbed this top one and have truly loved it. I will be honest with you and tell you I've bought it a couple times because if you wear it TOO too much (like me in the shower and pool) it will turn a bit. But I still love it so I continue to purchase it. Just dont' wear it ALL of the time and it will last a very long while. You can grab this one HERE

Next is this classic tennis necklace. I am in LOVE with this one. I wear it all the time and it hasn't turned or tarnished at all. It is stunning. My only complaint is that it doesn't really sit diamonds up on your chest if that makes sense. It kind of rolls down to where the diamonds are pointing down and not resting on you face up like a real tennis necklace does. Still beautiful though and gives the right amount of sparkle I'm looking for. I love layering this one. You can grab it HERE

Last in this group is a twist on a classic tennis necklace. This necklace is SO FUN!!! Its a beautiful layering peace or I like to wear it by itself because it's just so unique. It's definitely one of my favorites. I wore it my entire beach vacation and I haven't had any issues with tarnishing or turning. Grab this beauty HERE

These three are meaningful to me so I grouped them together. I wanted initial necklaces for my boys and found these two different styles. I love wearing them together. The simplicity of the top one compliments the bigger one beautifully. Grab the small one HERE and the larger one HERE

This butterfly necklace I wear almost daily. It is so cute and I am a sucker for a butterfly!! Its dainty and pretty and pairs well with the tennis necklace I shared above. I love it! No issues with tarnishing either. Grab it HERE

This one is different but SO COOL!! I love this pendant so much. I just clip it onto any chain! So fun on a tennis necklace or just a regular chain you have. It's great for layering or just making a statement on it's own. Its about the size of a quarter and I just love how unique it is. No tarnishing issues here either! Grab it HERE

This next group is all earrings I wear in my second hole. They're all smaller in size but look oh so pretty paired with another pair of gold earrings. The first set is probably my favorite. I love mis matching my second holes so I will wear this one in one ear and another one in the other ear. I love that this one has a cuff so it gives the illusion of a third hole when you wear it. So dainty and pretty. The chain hangs beautifully and they're super light weight. I've worn these for days on end and no issues with turning so far. Grab them HERE

This second pair is also one that gives the illusion of a third or second hole so I love this pair a lot. I love the touch of sparkle and how nice they look with other earrings. Again, no turning here! Grab them right HERE

Third is this rope set. They're really small but look so pretty in the second hole. I just love the rope detail and they're perfect with your hair up! Again no turning! Grab them HERE

Last in this group are these dagger looking guys. They're kinda edgy and I love it! I love the dangle part and the sparkle they add. Perfect in your second hole with your hair up. I've had these for a while and haven't had any turning issues. Grab them HERE

This next set is less than $14 for all of them and absolutely PERFECT if you have multiple holes. I just got these not long ago but I've had so much fun pairing them and switching them in and out. They re all light and so pretty. Grab this set HERE

The last piece of Jewelry I have is this ear cuff. Listen.... I love this thing... However it has started turning colors on me. But oh my gosh it is so pretty in your ear. If you just take care of it and don't sleep or shower in it, it'll last a while. Its big and sparkly and I love the touch of green. Such a gorgeous ear piece. Grab it HERE

Last is some jewelry extenders and a super cool gadget to help with layering your necklaces. I always use these extenders if I want my necklace to be a little longer. Especially when I'm layering so they can all be different lengths. These things are a must have for me! Grab the extenders HERE

And last is something I just got my hands on and holy moly I truly don't know how I went without them before! Especially for someone whos always in a hurry (me... it's me) this is so easy to just have your layered pieces already together and its a magnet so you just wrap it around your neck and it snaps into place. I wear one everyday!! So easy and helpful. Grab them HERE

That's it for this one, friends!! I hope this helped and you got some inspo to grab some good quality jewelry for cheap. I love buying and testing jewelry out. I've found the brand Pavoi on amazon is a really great brand to start with. I haven't had any issues with their jewelry and they're all in the $15 range. 

Thanks for making it this far and be sure to let me know if you try any of these jewelry pieces for yourself! Have a very happy holiday season! <3 

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