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New Light in the Dining Room


It's Friday again and that means a new blog post! I recently switched out this little light in my dining room. I gotta tell ya... I'm loving it...

Here it was before. There is no light here just the recessed lighting on either side so I just rigged up some chain and a lamp shade and a puck light and called it a day but I was really missing the actual light over here. I got this adorable pendant chandelier for my guest bedroom a while ago and decided I'd hang it up on the hook. The cord is long enough to just swag over from my pantry outlet! I'm loving how it looks now and the extra light is lovely!

I really love it. I do wish the cord wasn't black... But maybe that's something I can change later. You cand find the light HERE! I hope your weekend is FAB and I'll see ya again next Friday!! 


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