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Simple Landscaping

Hey there! Happy Friday. I shared on my Instagram recently that I got a little early birthday present from Jason. I finally have some pretty landscaping! All we did was rip out a couple dead plants and add some rock...

I just really really love how it turned out! It's simple but makes me feel soooo happy! I love pulling up to my house now. 

There were two rose bushes here where the chairs are that I used to LOVE but they ended up getting taken over by weeds and died. Sad day. They were also full of thorns and that mixed with two rowdy boys who love to play tackle football in the front yard did not mix well. We took those out and added the rock and holy moly it made such an amazing difference. 

I got all the lights (lanterns, string lights and solar disc lights) from Aldi! I just LUUUUUURVE the Aldi so much. 

Here's the before, after we ripped out the dead rose bushes... I love the boxwoods and the bushes on the right turn really pretty in the summer so I decided to keep those. 

I didn't get a lot of during of the process but we just put down some landscaping fabric I also found at Aldi. Luckily when I moved into the house, there was already mulch so the grass was already cut out for us. We just followed the layout that was already there, tacked down the fabric and spread out the rock. 

It took a few hours but it was so worth it. I finally feel like I have  my life together LOL. I know we judge ourselves so much but I truly felt like the scum of my neighborhood!! I had weeds growing and it just looked like a whole mess. I was embarrassed for the Amazon guy to see my mess! I just couldn't keep up. Now, it's simple and beautiful.

Thank you for reading, friends. Also, thank you all so much for all the love with the death of my mom. I want to write a blog about that and also becoming sober. They are both very heavy topics so I have to find words. But eventually, I'll get there. Also, also, I was going to put up a post about my entry way this week but I took pictures on a rainy day and they turned out terrible. So I will be re taking the pictures and hopefully posting that next Friday. Thanks for being here. Love you.


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