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Bringing Summer Into My Bedroom

Happy Friday! Its a beautiful day to share my summer bedroom with you. It all started with trying to find some curtains because I stole the curtains I had in here for my living room...

I always have a plan when I'm decorating to "keep it simple" and "relaxing/zen" and then it ends up spiraling into a bunch of pattern mixing and color throwing and I've just gotta accept the fact that I'll never be a minimalist! I love the style and it feels so fresh and calming but I just physically cannot decorate that way haha

I was originally looking for plaid curtains in here. I shared that on my Instagram stories not long ago because I wanted to, again, "keep it simple" LOL girl. I was in the HomeGoods the other day and these beautiful curtains popped out at me. The perfect length, a good price, such a pretty pattern with pastel colors. I said screw it lets try them in my bedroom. I was kinda nervous because my bedroom does have a bit of a neutral base with the wall color and all the black and white. I wasn't sure how the pastel would look but I actually LOVE them!

After that naturally came the spiral of moving things around and shopping my house for things to finish it off and it's making me so happy! I'm loving all the soft colors with the black ceiling and all the different patterns. 

I sure hope your summer is going well. We're loving it over here! 

Have a happy weekend <3

Thank you all for reading and I'll see ya soon! 

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