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5 Black Interior Trim Ideas

Hi!! Happy middle of the week! I've been crushing on something over here and I wanna share it with you because I can't help but want to do it to my entire house...

I'm absolutely in love with contrasting trim, specifically black. There's something about it that just makes the biggest difference in a room. I painted my interior doors in my guest bedroom HERE black and I know that if I hadn't done that, it wouldn't have anywhere near the same look. 

I eventually want to add crown molding throughout my house and I do think the black crown makes the biggest difference, but I want to share some inspiration pictures I found of different black trim looks with you today.

Source: Farrow and Ball
This is just such a classic color scheme. So moody and beautiful. I love that they kept all the trim and walls the same color and added the black door. This is something I'll be incorporating in my home. I want to keep my white trim but paint the doors and casings black. LOVE!

Source: Redbook
This one is again, a classic combo. Black and white will never die. It's so sophisticated and chic! I love all the black trim in this one next to the white walls. Just stunning. 

This dark gray and black trim mixture is soooo goooood!!! I just love how masculine it is. This works well because of all that natural light. Although, I'm planning a bathroom makeover with similar colors and there's no natural light in there. EEK! I guess I'm a risk taker!

Source: My Domaine
I love this all white bathroom with a pop of black. This is similar to what I'll have going on in my living room. I have a large window on the wall that I plan on painting black! Everything else will stay the colors they are. I can't wait! 

Source: Home Bunch
This one is interesting to me! They left the door and window trim white and painted the crown and doors black. I definitely would have been scared to do this but it works! I love how it all flows. 

That's it! These definitely gave me more inspiration for my own house. I'm excited to paint some more things black in my house! Do you have black trim in your home? I'd love to see it! 

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