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DIY Kitchen Island

We built an island for the kitchen using an old dresser and some barn wood...

Coming from my house in California with four more kitchen cabinets, an island and a pantry, I definitely needed more space and this kitchen was begging for an island. Being on a budget we had to be crafty... My parents had this old dresser from when my dad was little. It was the perfect height and has 4 huge drawers for storage. I decided it was going to be our island. Taylor couldn't see it at first, but I definitely could! Here's what it looked like before...

And here is how we built it!!

I painted it white (Who would have guessed that?!) and Taylor found some old barn wood. We cut it to fit about 4 inches over the sides and the back.

We brought it inside and laid it on how we wanted it (just to make sure the measurements were right)

and then flipped it upside down so we could screw the dresser to the wood. I wanted the screws inside so they wouldn't be seen.

Next Taylor added some scrap wood pieces to hold all three boards together more. Just for added support.

He then added those decorative shelf brackets we got at Habitat for Humanity Restore. He picked them out and he did an awesome job!

We flipped it back over and put the drawers back in and viola!! Easy and cheap project that makes such a huge difference in our house!

The wood has such a pretty color so I didn't have to do anything to it. I do still need to seal it but it was so pretty I couldn't wait to take pictures. Thank you to my awesome husband for doing all of the work!!!

Have a great week!!

xo- Savanna