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The Master... For Now

As I said in the last post the WHOLE HOUSE IS DONE!! That means we get to sleep in OUR room!! No more sleeping in the once unfinished guest bedroom! Another plus we have a bigger bed!! Yay!! Let's go inside...

I am so amazed at how well Taylor matched up the flooring from the dining room to our room... He is definitely talented!

We're not sure if we're keeping this door that's why I haven't painted it yet... We have an idea but we're still thinking about it!

Unfortunately for now our bed sits on the floor. We kind of made a king size bed out of two twins we had in storage... It works for now!

Here is my vanity. As you see there is tons of light in here.

The two mirrors were left here from the previous owner in the garage... I saw them and ran over to them like a child. I couldn't help it! I wish I got a better picture but they're so old and gorgeous!

Here we are looking in from the dining room. The front door is to the left.

Apparently I didn't make the bed very well that day... Haha sorry!!

I didn't have a headboard and the window on this wall is off center. I decided to hang curtains in the middle of the room behind our bed. The right side acts as an actual curtain for the window and the left is just hanging over the wall. I know it sounds odd but when they're shut you cant tell and it just looks like one big window!

Remember the dresser I had in the laundry room? I replaced that with an old sewing machine Taylor found for me because SURPRISE I realized I had way too many clothes and not enough closet space... So I put it next to my side of the bed to house some of my clothes.

Like I said, the lighting is crazy bright in here. I need to get my better camera going!

Have a great day!!

xo- Savanna